Homemade Playdough Recipes for Halloween

October 29, 2020

I have been making homemade Playdough for several years now for a number of reasons. It’s cheaper to make, you know exactly what ingredients go into it, it provides little ones with lots of open ended play and fine motor skills and lastly because you can theme your dough. This month being October we’ve been all about the homemade Halloween Playdough recipes.

Homemade Playdough Halloween recipes with pumpkin Playdough

There are a few things worth noting before I share my recipes for Halloween Playdough.

Back to my Halloween Playdough recipes. I wanted to make a dough that smells of Autumn and after being in a coffee shop and seeing pumpkin spiced lattes, it gave me the inspiration to make a pumpkin spiced Playdough. It’s my basic Playdough recipe which I have shared before but with a pumpkin spiced twist. If you live in the States you will no doubt have pumpkin spice but here in the U.K. I have had to make up some spices to try and replicate pumpkin spice.

Pinterest pin for pumpkin spiced Playdough

You can put down lots of Playdough accessories to make this dough fun. We used googly eyes and green pipe cleaners to make pumpkin faces but you found also just keep it simple with cutters and rolling pins.

Homemade  Playdough  for Halloween with a black playdough ball and some haloween cookie cutters

Next up is a fun dough just perfect for Halloween! I used eco biodegradable glitter which I purchased from Hobbycraft. You could add in a drop or two of peppermint essence to give it a scent for the Witches brew. To keep this simple I put down our Halloween shaped cookie cutters.

Pinterest pin with witches brew Playdough

These Homemade Halloween Playdough recipes are really handy to keep littles busy on wet days at home. I do hope you enjoy making them with your littles and letting them loose on some Playdough sensory play.

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