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January 11, 2019


Forgive me for being a little behind on how to be organised for this month (ironic, I know!) It’s just that we all need a little break now and again when life gets in the way of blogging! On the run up to Christmas I did a couple of blog posts on how to be organised. I enjoyed writing these, so I thought this could be continued throughout 2019.  I love to see/hear peoples to do lists for inspiration, so this is just that.  It’s an insight into things that make our household tick and work.

As Christmas is now firmly behind us and I have spent the first week back picking out various Christmas novelty socks and homewares from the house.  My mind has drifted to organising Christmas.  Yes I know it’s nearly 12 months away but whilst the epic organisation of the whole event is firmly in my mind, I put a few things in place for next year.                                                                                                                                                Firstly the sales were so good this year and they’re still going, and with further reductions, so if you haven’t already get purchasing all those endless kids festive clothing bits. We have purchased some kids jumpers, pjs, socks and slippers already and stored away what we can re-use/hand down or sell next Christmas. We’ve even bought a few presents and our Christmas crackers for next year. It just makes a good start on the many purchases for the following year and at a snip of the normal price.                                                                                                                        Secondly set up a monthly standing order for Christmas savings, ours will start in February as we’ve already spent this months on actual presents in the sales. Whatever you can spare will make this December so much easier on your bank balance. Lastly write down in your journal what worked and what didn’t work last Christmas, a lot happens over 12 months and it’s hard to always remember how you wanted to improve things even the small details.  For example I thought that decorating a gingerbread house would be quite stressful, so the younger kids had one to share.  Nope I was wrong they all enjoyed doing and it was a really fun activity, so next Christmas we want to make more than one.

Now moving onto January, my mind has drifted onto home organisation – areas of the house, and any new household purchases we want to make for the year.  Make a note of what you think you need, all the small things down to Tupperware or picture frames etc.  Chip away at buying these items and putting them into place in your home.  With a handy list you can remained focus and watch out for bargains along the way.  We’re hoping to get two new beds, a new toaster, living room curtains, a few new prints for the house, hooks, new dining chair cushions and some storage to reorganise our pantry.  Just keeping this list in mind helps me keep track and I even remember to list the small things.   It’s a good time to take on a good clean and declutter of the home and so adding any new cleaning items from the sale is also a good idea.  We have just picked up a new spray mop in the sales so anything to make cleaning quicker for this year is a winner for me.  New year new routines, have a look at what is working cleaning/housework-wise in the house.  Having a good routine that cuts your cleaning time down is a lifesaver. 2018 became big for discoveries of cleaning accounts on instagram with accounts like Mrs Hinch becoming so popular.  Look into a routine that works for your household and run with it.    For me Gem ‘The Organised Mum’ method or the  TOMM as it’s known is the best routine I know for keeping your cleaning time down to 30 minutes a day Monday to Friday.


Fill your home with greens foliage, flowers, plants, cacti or succulents. Whatever your green fingered capabilities are there are plants for everyone now.  I add to our greenery every month.  Especially in these winter months it’s good for your air quality and mindfulness to have some plants in your home.  They brighten up corners and also add something to your home after all the Christmas decor has gone.

coffee landscape.PNG
Diaries and Calendars 
As you’ve most likely recently filled out your yearly events.  Get prepared for them, buy in Birthday cards and stamps to avoid that last minute Birthday dash. Or, more eco-friendly, purchase recyclable card and envelopes from Hobbycraft and make you own cards.  Also a handy one is to fill a cupboard up with bargains for kids party presents, we seem to be inundated with kids parties at the moment, so having a stash is helpful. Make note of any ideas you have for any special events, anniversaries etc as it’s so easy to forget nearer the time.

School kids Write out you weekly activities routine on your fridge with a whiteboard pen.  We have school and after school clubs and equipment needed written down for all to see. It’s always good at the start of a new term to re-write your revised routines.

Winter Clothing Don’t forget to make sure all your warm weather clothing is still good to go in case of any bad weather.  Here in the UK January and February can be the coldest months.  So keeping on top of who needs gloves, better fitting boots and snowsuits is needed.

Meal Planning As with most months meal planning is how our shopping list is compiled.  As it’s January most of my meal planning inspiration will be healthy more vitamin enriched recipes found on Pinterest etc.

Garden  Not much is needed doing in the UK outside, fortunately,  don’t forget though to get bird food in to help the birds get through the winter months.

I know that these posts aren’t rock n roll, but when we lead busy lives it all tends to build up and so I just thought that having monthly pointers may just help another busy parent get organised and If I can help just one person than that’s enough for me!







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  1. souzep says:

    Is the mop good!? Ive bought my cards and paper for next year too, it’s fab to get a few essentials out of the way xxx

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