Last Minute Christmas Prep Checklist

December 12, 2018


Book your online shopping now, to get any of those last minute available slots, as they’re selling out fast.  Make sure you put in orders for extra milk with your milkman, confirm and note down any other food stuff that you may have ordered or still have time to order.

After Christmas Day the last thing we want to do is enter a shop until pretty much January! So on your next shop stock up on extra boring household items such as toilet roll, toiletries, cleaning, calpol, ibuprofen etc and laundry items.  I find that we go through these essentials so much quicker in the holidays with a full house at home Also stock up on extra beverages, our coffee is always in demand with two adults at home as well as extra visitors in the holidays.  A few extra alcoholic bottles are also handy for those last minute invites that often happen.  All some boring household essentials such as batteries, bin bags and anti freeze! Saves any last minute trips to over priced garages.   Make a big food list and check it several times.  Don’t forget simple things such as condiments and check what seasonings and spices need refilling that you rely on for festive meals/baking.   Also I find having some extra bags of frozen vegetables are also handy for adding to leftover meals.

Last minute gifts- If you buy for teachers, nursery staff, childminders, cleaners, helpful neighbours or any other helpful people in your life.  Make sure you also get a couple of extra gifts just in case.  It’s always handy to have an extra(s) for that just in case gift you may need.



Cleaning – This next week is the week to get any boring household jobs that have been stacking up done.  So if you’re putting off anything like carpet or oven cleaning, get it sorted well before the 20th as you need and deserve a break from the mundane jobs like that until January.  Or alternatively just decide that January is the time for those kinds of jobs!

If you’re a baker than get making some of your favourite festive cakes/pies now and freeze ahead to make Christmas week less fraught.  If you enjoy baking but are a bit stuck for time than find ways to cheat.  I find sometimes compromising on things such as shop bought mincemeat or ready made pastry can make baking that bit simpler when it comes to mince pies.  We’re also a fan of the ready made pastry doughs for holiday breakfasts.

If you take part in little traditions such as Reindeer food, then look out for some edible biodegradable reindeer food found in supermarkets or alternatively make your own very easy environmentally friendly recipe at home with your little ones.

If you’ve been last minute with cards, then just don’t write them this year!  Maybe send emails, ecards or a social media post to all your loved ones and friends wishing them a Happy Holiday.  After all it’s kinder to the environment and you will be thankful for the extra time.

Have a look in your local area for things to do for between the days running up to and after New Year.  Planning a nice walk or get together with friends is always needed after a few days of indoors Christmas festivities.  Or maybe get some last minute theatre tickets.


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