How to be organised in March

February 26, 2019

how to be organise in march with a picture of a diary

How to be organised in March

Home Organisation

With spring sunshine coming through the windows, now is the time to keep on top of home organisation by having a spring clean. Look around your home and think about being more minimalistic, and gather a few unwanted bagfuls for charity.

With hopefully some milder weather make the most of your washing line and go find your pegs!  Washing outside is so much more satisfying than using the dryer or central heating.  Also make the most of better weather and wash cushions, throws, bulk bedding and coats.  It’s a good time to bring into the home that lovely fresh laundered smell.

Get out into the garden and clear away leftover dead leaves, cut back anything that needs another good trim and have a general garden tidy before it all starts to grow back madly in the next few months.  We like to have a good tidy up and then sort through the garden toys and top up with clean play sand etc.. so with the extra daylight time the kids can start making the most of the space.

After the half term holiday downtime, it’s now good to look at what works in your house, routines and task wise.  Maybe evaluate how your Meal Planning, chores and daily routines can be refined.  Also look at what chores the kids are doing and revaluate what their pocket money is for.

Self Care

For us Mummies make the most of it being Mother’s Day this month and plan some ‘me’ time, as Mother’s Day can be a hectic day with little ones waning to spoil you!   Also don’t forget to plan your gift/treat for your own Mother!

Make the most of the extra light and get out walking.  This does wonders for self care. Maybe think about investing in a National Trust pass or something similar in your area, to make the most of the Spring/Summer months.

Celebrations and other important dates

1st March St David’s Day – If you have a Welsh connection, then I’m sure this date is firmly on your mind.  we don’t have a Welsh connection but I will be sure to have plenty of daffodils in my home this month and will be trying out making Welsh cakes for the first time.

5th March World Book Day – For all us primary school parents, this means searching Pinterest and raiding the costume box.  I have put together a few of my favourites to save you some time searching for ideas.

15th March – Comic relief, grab those red noses and donate!

17th March- St Patrick’s Day  Again not a day we celebrate in our house, but we might just mark the occasion with a themed meal such as Beef in Guiness Irish stew.

22nd March -Mother’s Day

29th  March – Daylight Saving time  (Clocks spring forward)

Hope you all have a lovely month and you get to be organised in March!  I will be back with some helpful Easter plans.

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10 responses to “How to be organised in March”

  1. Ha ha I’ve taken me time to the extreme this mother’s day, me and a mum friend of mine have booked ourselves a weekend away to Cambridge on actual Mother’s Day!!!! #StayClassyMama

  2. Lovely to celebrate those special days, I highly recommend self-care having really started to take it seriously this year, We have our own lives to lead as well as looking after others. Forest walks are my happy place #StayClassyMama

  3. Sam says:

    Great ideas, always be organised and think in advange X #stayclassymama

  4. Look how organised you are! I knew pancake day was coming (coughs* mistakenly thought it was in half term), and that world book day was on its way. But I didn’t have the exact dates until I read your post. Thank you LOL. And thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam x

  5. I am looking forward to going to school and Scout events with my kids for Mother’s Day. We have a tradition of not making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday but we will have them at some point! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

    • teamsteinblog says:

      The Mother’s day events are always my highlight! I live homemade things and getting an insight to them at school x

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