How to be an Organised Family this July

June 29, 2019

Welcome to how to be organised in July.  I can’t believe we’re now just over half way through 2019.  I seem to be writing these posts far too soon each month!  For us this month has been packed full of school dates and it feels like the end of term madness definitely started earlier this year.  So this month continues to be a bit more school organisation but also holiday organisation, as I’m sure we all want to be organised so we can enjoy those long Summer weeks more.  Here are my tips to get yourself July organised.

School Uniform

Now is the time to get any uniform needed for September. I know for instance M&S has 20% off uniform until the 2nd July, so get any deals there straight away. The supermarkets sell out quite quickly so again make sure you get what you need early July. Also if you’re like me and have several pairs of shoes to buy, put some money aside this month and next month so come late August/September when you get your child fitted it’s not such a huge expense.

•Also quick note to make sure you book any school dinners and before/after school clubs this month ready for the start of term.


If you do teachers and other carer gifts then get organised at the start of this month and have the gifts ready to take in al wrapped, as that last week just flies by!  We only get a small gift for the teacher and TA always something simple and affordable, and quite often we have baked a cake if there are too many staff in the nursery.

Holiday Admin

For me I focus on the big things like packing, budgeting and holiday activities that I then end up forgetting about the some small parts of admin back at home.  For instance one year my plants all died as I forgot to get them watered.  If you don’t have a house sitter, maybe ask a reliable person to water your plants inside and outside and keep a check on your home whilst you’re away. Another key one is to ask a neighbour to help put out/ bring in bins as this is a key aspect of good security if a property is empty.

Bucket List – Get planning your bucket list of activities for the holidays. If you’re spending lots of time at home or having a staycation then here are some ideas for keeping them entertained. Also look out for my 99 things to do this Summer which is coming very soon on the blog.

Get digital and even more Organised – This may seem like an obvious one to some, but I have only just last month got my calendar into my phone. I was finding it so hard to keep track of dates in my calendar for all the school and work commitments that I had to get digital and have dates logged on my calendar phone. You can then share and sync with other members of your family as it’s hard to communicate on these busy months.  it’s also super handy for checking timings of assemblies etc when in the school playground.

Car Check- If you’re planning on a long car journey make sure you have your tyres, oil and water checked or even book in a quick Summer service.

Also plan ahead for any Birthdays or celebrations.  I find organising for August in early July much easier so I can concentrate more on entertaining the kids in August.

Meal Plans

Here are some of the meals that we will be planning this month. Key to meal planning this month is speed. I want meals that can be fitted in easily to our schedule in the end of term rush.

Shopping online – Have you thought about ordering your food online for the Summer Holidays. It’s hard getting a chance to nip to the shops with a family in tow and also they seem to eat you out of house and home. So being able to order in food regularly saves your sanity and also cuts your bills down as shopping with little hands that add to your trolley can mount up quickly.

Me Time 

Easier said than done at times.  Clear some time down to have your hair cut, nails done, child free lunch or even spa day if you’re lucky!  Or just keep it simple by making the most of reading a book at nap time.  Do a few things for yourself at the start of July as shortly the Summer Holidays will be here and you will be short on any me time.

I hope that this gives you some reminders for keeping your household more organised and saving your own sanity.  I would love to Hear any of your top tips for being an organised family!

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