How to plan a Royal Wedding Party!

May 5, 2018

Now the Royal Baby has arrived, all eyes are on Harry and Meghan as they prepare for their upcoming Wedding on 19th May.

Since the Queen’s jubilee and the Olympics fell around when we relocated to Germany in 2012, we left with a strong sense of all that is good about Britain and so since then I have been a fan of the royal family and our British values.

So this occasion is not going unmarked in my home and we will be having a gathering to watch the ceremony and have a Royal afternoon high tea.

I have already been planning my menu on Pinterest and so complete with bunting and hopefully a decorated outside table, we will be sitting down to some delicious treats.

First off it’s all about the cakes – I love a Victoria sponge and have a tradition of patriotic sponges for these occasions, however I’m following in Meghan’s footsteps and will be making my very own lemon and elderflower cake, as it sounds decadent. I will make some smaller Victoria sponge cupcakes for the little people who aren’t keen on lemon!

Next up – an afternoon tea wouldn’t be complete without finger sandwiches. I will be looking to do cucumber of course (I really love a cucumber sandwich) and have researched before how to make the perfect ones. Egg and cress, smoked salmon and a cheese or ham one for the fussy eaters in the house!

Daisy and my sister absolutely love macaroons, so we may just try our hand at making them for the first time.

It wouldn’t be an afternoon tea without scones; homemade scones with lashings of clotted cream and jam, and of course the age old conversation of jam first or cream first? Which way round do you do it? I may think about doing a slightly healthy twist to the scones, but that may go out the window for this very indulgent day.

Lastly a jug of pimms and/or another refreshing drink will be on the menu, of course.

Here is my Royal Wedding Inspiration for anyone else thinking of having a gathering.

Pink Pear Bear

2 responses to “How to plan a Royal Wedding Party!”

  1. This sounds yumm and the cake looks amazing. Have you got room for one more? Me and my daughter are going to my mums to watch it whilst the boys go out and do their thing. Can’t wait, really hope my mum makes some scones, maybe I should hint heavily! #bigpinklink

  2. It sounds like a fab menu! It would have to be a traditional Victoria sponge for sure. How did making macarons go? I think it took me 4 attempts to get them right but even the ‘failures’ tasted great. Thank you for joining #BigPinkLink

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