What we are Reading- November 

November 30, 2017

Since our last update we are still making use of the local library. Especially as we now have a bookworm in the family.

This month the children seemed to have gone back to some old favourites that when they last tried to read they just didn’t enjoy like they are doing now.  I think this is often the case with books and toys, and I remind myself not to be frustrated as sometimes they need to revisit things once they’re more age appropriate, as sometimes the age ratings and my own perception of age apropriate isn’t always accurate.

Finlay at last is making his way through Harry Potter. For some reason he’s always resisted reading Harry Potter as he prefers the films. We tried everything to convince him of the joys of the books before films, as we read them before watching ourselves.  We knew he was being a little stubborn and that once he read them properly he would be hooked. So we decided to set him a little incentive and tell him once he reads all of the books he could watch all of the films as he will be nearer 12 by the time he has read them all!  He is, as we thought, loving them and so bedtime is easier with the promise of reading time.

Daisy has gone back to Diary of the Wimpy Kid and she read 6 of these books over half term, so the library is a godsend to us as we would be paying out an awful lot.  She has also revisited her Tom Gates books again and the cartoon style writing just seems to fit with her, so I will be thinking of way to get her to look for other genres to read. It is helpful that her and Daddy are making their way through the classic ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’. It’s really lovely to hear him have these one-to-one moments, and he has a great bedtime reading voice.

Teddy is smitten once again with Pip and Posy books I thought he had grown out of. Noisy crow books come with a QR barcode to scan and so he can listen to the story for free, a bit like an audio app.  Then we also read it together.  These books although probably aimed at toddlers are great for preschoolers, as they encourage learning phonics and reading.

Florence is starting to sit down and show an interest more and is all about the texture books still such as ‘That’s not my Monster’ and will engage in looking at Pip and Posy when it’s Teddy’s reading time.

Myself I have still been too busy to read a paperback with so much on my plate but I’m hoping to get my hands on ‘Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery’ by Jenny Colgan and read this on the run up to Christmas as this is a book I wanted to read but didn’t get last year. I have read the first book ‘Little Beach Street Bakery’ and it was perfect light hearted chick-lit reading.

Dougie is reading educational stuff as he has embarked on an MSc, so I’ll not document that here!

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