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July 23, 2018


With our holidays nearly upon us, I have been nice and organised and got the kids’ travel bags all sorted.  These bags are perfect for a flight as carry on, a train or a car journey and then good for boredom-buster bags when taking the kids out to eat etc.  Here is a list of what I wanted to put in our kids bags.

Puzzle books – Top tip, search a well known bookshop for a top 10 of puzzle books.  This year I used the book people for their recommendations.  Failing that a good Where’s Wally or a few pound-shop activity/ sticker books are always handy to have, especially for younger members of the family.

Notebook and pens – A nice new summer notebook for doodling, travel journals or scribbles.

Tablet – For me there is always a time and a place for an electronic device,mainy for my own sanity!  We do allow our kids screen time and try our best to monitor how much and when (the Moment App is good for checking how much time they’re on and when). When on holiday we find them handy for when they’re restless waiting for a meal or winding down or for keeping them still whilst we gather our stuff together for the day.  Also there are some good educational apps out there for any parents worried they might fry their brains with them!

Headphones – We don’t all need to hear what they’re listening to!

Audio books- We use Audible and this year I have saved up all my credits to load their tablets with some good audio stories.

Lego blind bags- Honestly, Teddy could play for a good hour with a lego figure,  Whatever their latest fad is, stocking up on some blind bags, especially when they’re on offer is always a winner!

Eye masks- Sounds ike a funny one, but this year we have bought cheap furry animal eye masks, in the hope they may go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer when we’re sharing a room or tent with them on holiday.

Snacks- If all else fails you can’t go wrong with a few snacks to keep them going!

Here is my YouTube video that shows you what we have in our kids travel bags this year.

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