Last Minute (but still amazing) Mother’s Day Cards and Crafts

March 26, 2019
Mother's Day Cards and crafts on a fireplace with flowers
Homemade Mother’s Day Ideas

Homemade Mother’s Day Cards and crafts

My favourite Mother’s Day treats are always homemade Mother’s Day  cards and crafts, the love that goes into producing them means more than any shop bought offering.

First up I have two card designs that I have chosen to do because of my love of flowers and cacti.  First up is the simple yet effective Cacti card.

Cacti Mother's Day card with flower stickers on it

Homemade Mother’s Day Cacti Card

All you need for the cacti homemade Mother’s Day card is:


  1. Fold a piece of card into a card size piece.  Then draw around the child’s hand, making sure you line up their thumb against the folded piece at the end and don’t cut up that side, making it a handprint card.
  2. Using a black marker make small lines all over the card, for the cacti effect.
  3. Stick flower stickers randomly on the hand.
  4. Next up cut up a piece of pink card and glue it to the front of the card to make it look like the cacti is sat in a planter.
  5. Lastly write a Mother’s Day message such as ‘Mum you are fun-cactus’ inside the card.

Tulip Card Craft

Mother's Day Card tulips made from card and paper straws sat on table

Tulip Mother’s Day card craft

This next card craft is simple yet effective and could be a great card alternative where you write a message on the flower, or it could be part of a homemade Mother’s Day gift alongside the glass jar gift below.  All you need for the Tulip Card Craft is:

Tulip shaped card

Tulip Card Craft

Instructions for the Tulips

  1. Cut out a tulip flower head shape and then fold the tulip 4 times in a concertina shape.
  2. Punch a hole through the folded flower head
  3. Take the paper straw and thread it through the tulip head.
  4. Stick some green leaves onto the paper straw.

There you have some card tulips that are simple, effective and lovingly homemade.  My 10 year old made hers independently.

Homemade Lanterns

Next up are two glass jar tea light holders.  The cacti candle jar is more suited to an older child and the paper votive one a younger child.

Jar craft

Mother’s Day Lantern

Heart Lantern

child painting glue on jar

Glueing the glass jar


  1. Cut up some tissue paper shapes, we used hearts and some already printed watermelon tissue paper.
  2. Let your child paint the jar with mod plodge and start sticking the tissue paper pieces onto the glued jar ( Don’t worry if it looks white or gloopy the mod plodge dries clear eventually ).
  3. Then paint over the top of the tissue paper give the jar a sealed finish.
  4. Pop in a tea light and see it glow through the gaps and the tissued paper.

My 5 year old managed to do this activity pretty independently.

Jar painted green with cacti print on jar

Homemade Cacti Lantern

Homemade Cacti Jar Craft


  1. Pop in some tape (of your desired shape) in the jar to act as a window for the tea light.  We made a cacti shaped window, you could do an oval or heart.
  2. Paint the inside of your jar with green paint.  Allow to dry (speed the process up by drying with a hairdryer or placing in a warm place to dry, if need be)
  3. Once dry peel off your window tape
  4. Using a marker pen randomly mark Cacti needle shapes on the outside of the jar .
  5. Pour in some Epsom salts u to 1/3 of the jar
  6. Pop in your tea light on top of the salts.

    Cacti homemade jar

    Cacti glass candle jar

This is such an effective homemade Mother’s Day craft gift and also one my 10 year old loved doing.

If you have younger children, here is a link to some homemade gifts suitable for little ones to gift. 

I hope this has given you some lovely homemade Mother’s Day card and craft ideas.  These crafts would also be suitable for other celebrations such as Valentines Craft,  or alternatively for Grandparents or other family member gifts.

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  1. Great ideas there. I love the lantern. I might do that for my summer party table it looks great. Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam

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