Living Arrows 11~52 Team Stein

March 18, 2019

I felt like this week we were back to a good flow of routine compared to the first week back from the holidays. It’s been quite a hectic week filled with the kids extra curricular clubs and catching up with lots of friends. So we appreciated a few snatched quieter moments here and there, mainly indoors due to that biting wind.

We did however chance the weather and made the most of a glimpse of the sun on Sunday and went for a walk with a picnic. The kids enjoyed playing in the playground and even made friends, so we got to sit and have a coffee together for a few minutes until poor Flo flew off a spinning thing and we both went running to her side. I also realised just how many daffodils there are everywhere so made the most of it and took numerous photos of the Fab Four!

Living Arrows

11 responses to “Living Arrows 11~52 Team Stein”

  1. katykicker says:

    That is a lovely photo! I’m so excited for Spring seeing all the new flowers everywhere!

  2. madelinelittlejohns says:

    Such a lovely photo, love all the daffodils! Hope Flo was ok after going flying! x #LivingArrows

  3. Devon Mama says:

    Gorgeous photo of your little team – it’s so nice to grab some moments outside in the sun isn’t it?

  4. Suburban Mum says:

    I love that last photo of them all – I literally can’t wait for Spring!! #LivingArrows

  5. The last photo sums up spring for me, lets home this is the start of some warmer weather and brighter days.

  6. Donna says:

    It’s just so nice when the sun comes out isn’t it? We’ve loved the sun shining today x

  7. What a lovely photo of them all. I haven’t managed to take any photos yet of the daffodils and I am thinking I may have missed the best of it. The picture with the bubbles is gorgeous, so clear! x

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