Living Arrows 14/52

April 6, 2020

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran

Again another week where the focus has been about homeschooling the children. I’m finding lockdown creates plenty of opportunities to take photos of the children and learn even more about their personalities.

I have somehow managed to sneak some time in with each of the children this week. With four of them, having one on one time is rare and really enjoyable. I’m hoping that this continues over the coming weeks.

A boy reading quietly

Finlay and I enjoyed taking our daily walk together whilst the other 3 were busy starting a camp out together in the littles’ room. It was good to have a chat with him without any interruptions. I’m really aware that these coming months are his last chance to be a boy and appreciate his childhood with his younger siblings before he returns to school and matures more. I’m pleased that he’s enjoying reading again, I snapped this picture for evidence!

Living arrows with 3 children having a bedroom camp out
a young girl in a field of sheep

Daisy has been choosing to take our daily walk across the farmland behind our house. We’re very lucky to have these fields and not meet many people just sheep and cows! She really loves seeing the lambs.

Teddy and I got some painting time together whilst Flo had a nap. He thought it was great to paint directly on the window. He managed to Google what the order of colours in a rainbow are and how to mix colours to make purple.

Living Arrows a boy painting a rainbow

Florence has been missing her one-on-one time with me, so I was glad that I had put by a Christmas present to do on a gardening day. She really focused her attention well to put all the bits together without much help from me. She proudly showed all of us and relatives on FaceTime.

A young girl making a fairy garden

This past week has definitely been an easier week with a good homeschooling routine in place. They’re understanding more that if they get their academic time done in the morning that we do some fun activities in the afternoon. Some of our favourites afternoon activities have been spent doing some fun science experiments, baking, cooking dinner and of course visiting the lambs.

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4 responses to “Living Arrows 14/52”

  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Oh such snuggled snapshots – how lovely 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    Oh my gosh – the little three in the bed is just the cutest!! It’s so nice that you’re making time to spend with each of them individually, it’s something that families don’t often find the time for x

  3. I am glad you fitted in time with each of them hope you manage to keep it up in the coming weeks. Sounds like you have a little routine all sorted. Ours has gone out of the windows so I will need to think about it significantly at the end of the holidays. Hope you have a great Easter x

  4. Sarah says:

    It sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job – it must be so tricky managing with four of them! I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter weekend x

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