Family Life with Living Arrows 13/52

April 1, 2020

Family life this week saw Finlay turn 14 with a lockdown party that he assured us, he really did enjoy! The week has also been centred around adjusting to home school. Dougie is in work, as he’s a key worker, so that has mean’t my role, like most has shifted to include home educator.

I have found home learning fun, emotional, exhausting and interesting all rolled into one! Fin and Daisy much to their annoyance have had a reasonable amount of schoolwork to do each day so we have tried to stick to some academic learning in the mornings. Then come the afternoon we have relaxed, enjoyed the sunshine and done a few creative projects. Teddy has enjoyed working with a routine and Flo has just tried to get stuck in wherever she can. I’m definitely finding it overwhelming at times juggling all 4 and homeschool!

I did say that we have had some fun and interesting times. These have mainly been when we’ve been doing our own little projects in the garden. Daisy and I had some lovely bonding moments around the school work nagging. We really enjoyed watching episodes of Malory towers whilst having breakfast in bed over the weekend. We also enjoyed weaving twigs into bird nests and making clay birds. We have popped them in our front garden and have enjoyed seeing some of the neighbours children looking ta them on there walk past our house.

3 responses to “Family Life with Living Arrows 13/52”

  1. Monkey seems to have a lot of school work too which I’m struggling to juggle with work too. Especially this last week. Glad Fin had a great birthday. I’ve just been thinking about kippers as it’s likely we will still be locked down when it’s his too. Love the nests

  2. I think you summed up homeschool perfectly. I feel exactly the same with my two while trying to work from home. Stay safe and take care #livingarrows

  3. Donna says:

    I hope he had a wonderful birthday! We’ve had quite a lot of school work set too – I’ve definitely found it emotional and exhausting! x

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