Living Arrows 19~52

May 13, 2019

Living Arrows is a weekly bloggers link up kindly hosted by Donna at ‘What the Redhead Said’

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran

Bank holiday Monday seems to be a distant memory as I write this, not 6 days ago. I have to share my photos from Monday as we all went out to a local stately home on Daisy’s request as they were running a dog festival and she is dog mad. She wanted to enter Grandma’s badly behaved dog into some of the show categories. He was true to form and was naughty but entertaining, the most entertaining highlight was them attempting dog agility, attempting being the word! two children blowing dandelion clocks

We escaped the dog antics for a picnic by the lake and I managed to get a few pictures in the beautiful gardens. I love getting pictures with all four of them in, as I know soon they might go through a phase of not wanting me to take their picture often.

Four children having their photo taken by a pink rhododendron.

The rest of the 4 day week went by in a fast rainy blur. I helped out on a Reception school trip to The Deep in Hull. It was lovely to see Teddy and his class experience a coach journey and the excitement of seeing the aquarium was very sweet albeit slightly exhausting! four children sat by a pond We ended this week with warmer weather and a really lovely picnic and play at The Lavender farm. It was good to see Finlay put down his screen and play so nicely with his siblings. Daisy and him managed an afternoon out with only one small squabble, a great way for us to end the week. two children sat on a swing

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Living Arrows

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