Living Arrows 24~52

June 17, 2019


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibrana young teenage boy smiling with his thumbs up

This week was a tiring one for Fin with a week of assessments; we could see by Thursday night those dark circles appearing and a touch of teenager attitude which really isn’t like him.  I don’t think it helps that a certain little person keeps waking the whole house up very early at the moment!   It was Scout camp this weekend and so I was a little concerned that late nights and lots of exercise would finish him off.  Fortunately it was the opposite, it was just the fun distraction he needed.  He came home with a big smile on his face and I was very proud to hear and see that he had been a really hard working Scout for the weekend. Daisy also enjoyed Scout camp and came back looking exhausted after lots of late night chats with the girls.

With just me and the little ones at home for the weekend as Dougie was also at Scout camp we had our own fun.  We visited a really lovely park in the city, it was hard to get photos of them as they were so busy moving from one piece of apparatus to the nextTwo young children smiling in the kitchen whilst baking
The littles also enjoyed baking some brownies for Father’s Day and were quite determined to eat the mixture rather than bake it!a father smiling with his 4 children on a bed

It was good to get back as a family for Sunday dinner and so I managed to get a quick bedtime picture of all of them with the best Daddy ever.

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4 responses to “Living Arrows 24~52”

  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Cookie dough is so much better (or brownie mix) raw than cooked! lol

  2. Donna says:

    I hope things have calmed down for Fin now and it sounds like they had a lovely Fathers Day! x

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