Living Arrows 25~52

June 24, 2019

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran

Teddy has had a busy week at school, he enjoyed having Dougie come and spend some time with him at school for Father’s Day activities.  Then on Friday he got to show us both what Spanish and music he’s been learning every Friday since the start of Reception.  I was amazed at how much young children can pick up on a language so quickly, their Spanish accents were adorable. We now need to start planning a Spanish holiday!

I feel that we’re in that point of the term where we are all starting to show signs of tiredness so with everyone being a bit hard work (me included!) I thought it best to just have a chilled weekend at home after the usual swimming and gymnastics lessons on Saturday.   A weekend with no plans was well timed as I’m on my own again this weekend so with the better weather, we have spent loads of time in the garden.

Florence is definitely a little whirlwind at the moment and as I’m clearing up one of her escapades she’s onto the next.  This photo made me laugh as she was caught sat in the wet sandpit!

I managed to get a photo of me with just my girls thanks to Finlay and his patient photographing, so unusually I’m featuring a photo of me on here.  We had a job on our hands getting Florence to comply!

I haven’t really taken many photos this week, so that’s it from this week’s Living Arrows,  for last week’s update you can look back here.

Living Arrows

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