Living Arrows 28~52

July 14, 2019

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran

4 children in a wooden park sat together We managed to quickly snap a photo of all 4 whilst on a presstrip to Castle Howard this week. The park was busy with children and the light shining in the wrong place but I love the happiness on their faces at visiting the awesome new park.

This week has felt like quite a long week, which I’m sure means the last week of term where I have plans to fit in so much will go by in a flash. This week saw Teddy’s first Sports day at school cancelled due to the weather forecast, when it actually turned out lovely and so was a bit of a shame that the children missed out. We had his final Reception parents evening and he’s achieved so much and done so well. We just need to work out how to implement this super behaviour at home!

We were also amazingly proud of Finlay this week. Being a Forces family Finlay has so far attended 5 different schools and so to be presented with the achievement award means such a lot to us all. It makes us feel very relieved that he’s still been able to succeed despite all the moves and eliminates any second guesses we’ve had on whether we should have opted for boarding school for him.

Daisy didn’t want to let the boys have all the glory and so we were very pleased to hear such a lovely reassuring school report for her. And to hear that she’s made some really good progress in her maths as that’s been a challenge to her the past few years.

a toddler kissing her brother Lastly little Florence was so happy to see her biggest brother get his award this week, she clapped and waved so much. So I thought it apt to share this pic of our biggest and littlest.

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Living Arrows

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