Our Red Cockapoo Joins the family with Living Arrows 39/52

September 30, 2020

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”‘ I’m sat typing this whilst being nibbled at by our gorgeous red cockapoo dog that has made our family complete and even more crazy than we already were!

Red cockapoo with a girl smiling at the camera

We lost our beloved Springer Spaniel, Bailey, the year before I started my blog so you may not be familiar that we have always been a dog family. It took me time to adjust to not having Bailey and be ready for a new four legged member of the family.

The kids would ask weekly and Daisy daily as to when we would have another one in the home, so this new furry addition means an awful lot to the children. I am excited to see our red cockapoo Rusty grow with the children and be their new childhood companion. I know we have a few sleepless nights and lots of training ahead of us but we’re all eager to put the time and effort into settling Rusty here.

Two children stood at the bus stop wearing face masks

As for the rest of the week it passed by with us patiently waiting for our new addition and lots of tired little people who are still adjusting to school and pre-school. Teddy returned to swimming lessons on Saturday, of which I was a little nervous about but the strict systems in place worked really well for putting my mind at rest. This week we had to take the bus for the first time to get him to his lesson. Again I needn’t have worried, it was absolutely fine and both him and Flo were great and kept their masks on for the whole journey.

Two children carrying a bag of conkers and laughing

I took these photos of them by the bus stop collecting the biggest conkers. They were pleased with their finds and filled my bag for life with their conker stash. Look out for some craft ideas as we will be finding and sharing things to do with our conkers.

Red cockapoo with his new family having a  picture

It seemed only right that we ended the week with a family photo with our Rusty boy. No doubt we will be sure to update you on Rusty’s progress over on instagram and how we navigate being proud owners of our own red cockapoo.

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3 responses to “Our Red Cockapoo Joins the family with Living Arrows 39/52”

  1. Donna says:

    Oh my gosh! Welcome Rusty, he is gorgeous! x

  2. Oh my goodness!!! How adorable is Rusty. I bet everyone is thrilled to have him. There’s nothing quite like puppy cuddles. #Livingarrows

  3. Oh how lovely, he looks like he is going to fit right in. The kids are also knackered here as well it is always though that first half a term.

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