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Hi I'm Charlotte, a Yorkshire Mummy of 4 Children ranging from teens to littles. I'm very passionate about sharing our outnumbered family life through our love of exploring the outdoors, learning through play activities and my desire for an organised and homely lifestyle. I love nothing more than a cup of coffee whilst planning our next adventure, seasonal activity or home and lifestyle project.

How I transformed my Morning Routine

March 12, 2019

Our morning term time routine is hectic, verging on stressful, loud and not for the faint hearted!   We have the younger ones who need more assistance with dressing, nappies and teeth brushing and then the older ones who need constant nagging and reminders for self care, making their beds and packing their bags etc.  We of course have that mad dash that I’m sure every…

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Living Arrows 10~52 Team Stein

March 11, 2019

10/ 52 Living Arrows “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran We had a busy start back to this last Winter half term with World Book Day and a few other school things thrown in. So it was really lovely to have an inset day on Friday and have a cheeky three day weekend. With the…

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Living Arrows 9~52 Team Stein

March 4, 2019

9/ 52 Living Arrows “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran It was at last our turn for a week break from hectic school runs.  We have had a pretty successful week off.  It could have been better if there had been a few less squabbles from the big two, but I cannot expect miracles!  And…

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How to be organised in March

February 26, 2019

Home Organisation With spring sunshine coming through the windows, now is the time to keep on top of home organisation by having a spring clean. Look around your home and think about being more minimalistic, and gather a few unwanted bagfuls for charity.                       With hopefully some milder weather make the most of your washing…

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Pancake day -3 favourite ways to do Pancakes!

With shrove Tuesday getting closer, I thought it only kind to share our favourite pancake recipes. Saturdays in our house means pancakes, Teddy will often coax us out of bed on a Saturday with a loud reminder to get in the kitchen and get making!  We have a few go-to pancake recipes that we often enjoy . 1.Our go-to pancake is a more American style…

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Living Arrows 8~52

February 25, 2019

8/ 52 Living Arrows “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran Gosh how is it that we’re 8 weeks in already! This week I have been solo parenting whilst Mr Stein climbed some mountains in Wales. The week went by quite quickly and was kind, thankfully. I had two parent evenings to attend and fortunately they…

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5 Indoor Activities For kids in February Half Term

February 19, 2019

5 indoor Winter Activities for Tots to Older Kids With a week off in February, a month when the weather isn’t always inviting to be outside in all weathers, it’s good to have a few back-up indoor activities to keep them busy and away from having too much screen time.  I have complied a top 5 list of indoor Winter Activities for Tots and older kids.…

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living Arrows Team Stein 7~53

February 18, 2019

7/ 52 Living Arrows “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran We’ve had a week full of Valentines, sun and after school club activities.  We had a lovely Valentine’s breakfast and dinner on Thursday with pizza and chocolates being declared the best bit by the kids!  Florence and I spent the day  with a friend at…

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5 Places to Visit this Yorkshire in February Half Term

February 15, 2019

Birchfield Family Dairies – Harrogate  Visit a working farm at one of the busiest times of the year. All the expectant ewes are in the lambing shed, ready to give birth. If you are lucky enough you might even see a lamb being born. The farmers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Open Tuesdays-Sundays 10.30-4pm.  Visit their other animals and…

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