Simple Autumn Leaf Crafts.

October 24, 2018

I love doing seasonal crafts with the kids probably because I love all the seasons but also because it takes me back to my own childhood creations. This week we’ve gone back to old school crafts and have just been keeping it simple.

First up this idea we got from the Gruffalo Autumn/Winter nature activity book. I cannot sing this book’s praises enough, we’re having tons of fun with it and even the grown ups are learning a few things along the way.

These cute bug leaves were a fun activity for Daisy and Teddy to do, whilst Flo painted freestyle with leaves and hands. I think these are really effective and a great cheap craft to do.

Bark and Leaf Rubbings – This is an old school childhood craft activity and are a perfect way to extend an Autumn walk.

These cute leaf animals were fun for the kids to create, and perfect for children who are  learning how to draw faces.  Teddy also loves any excuse to use sellotape!

If you’re wanting a few more leafy crafts then do also take a look at some Autumn crafts we have done before

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