Valentine’s Baking and more Baking with Living Arrows 6/52

February 8, 2021

This week we seemed to have done a lot of baking and creating in the kitchen. I think having a cake or two is definitely breaking up the long days, keeping the kids cheerful but most definitely not helping my waistline! Our theme has been Valentine’s Day baking, we love a seasonal theme to inspire us!

Valentine's baking with two girls eating valentines day waffles .

Daisy has been inspired by the junior bake off and has been doing a weekly baking challenge for all of us to judge. Last week she made empire biscuits and this week butterfly buns.

Valntine's baking with two girls making chocolate truffles.

Florence has wanted to get in on the action so joined in with making some chocolate truffles that they wanted to gift to their auntie. They used Cathryn’s Valentine’s Oreo truffles recipe from Little paper swans blog

I made the kids some Valentine’s Day pink waffles for Sunday breakfast. I put out lots of treats and allowed them to have no adult supervision. They quickly realised that they had eyes bigger than with cream, yoghurt, fruit and caramel sauce. They thought it was great to be let loose and certainly have us a break from over parenting which we feel like we’re guilty of recently!

We’re really looking forward to being on half term countdown now with 5 days to go. The kids are struggling to focus and fed up of staring at screens and I’m definitely not a natural at teaching. A break is much needed even through we can’t get out to many places, just being able to switch off from Google classroom and Microsoft teams will be a relief. Plus I’m sure more Valentine’s baking will be thrown in!

4 responses to “Valentine’s Baking and more Baking with Living Arrows 6/52”

  1. Donna says:

    Florence is looking SO grown up at the moment! Our two love the Junior Bake Off and really want to start getting more independent! x

  2. Love the look of the waffles with lots of treats! I think we have been guilty of over parenting too! Looks like they really enjoyed it. Have a wonderful half term.

  3. We’ve been doing some Valentines baking too, it was nice to do a doorstep drop at the grandparents, just a little something to cheer them up!

    Katrina x

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