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April 18, 2019

6 books displayed on an ikea stool
It’s been a little while since we updated our what we are reading corner of the blog.  Despite the written silence we have in fact been very busy reading a selection of books.  This year we are sticking with the same book review format of Finlay and Daisy who are now 13 and 10 reviewing their own reading books.  To me this is the best way for other kids to get an understanding on what a book is really about from a young person’s opinion.  Teddy our 5 year old is also starting to offer a few ideas on reviewing his own  books with help from us.  Both Teddy and our 2 year old Florence have been starting to enjoy a few books together as well as Florence having her own separate toddler story time before bed. Florence is also quite vocal on what stories she enjoys sharing with us!

Tween Books

This reading round up has no book review from Finlay as he is still busy reading one that wants to share on our next What our kids are reading blog post.  So first up is a book that Daisy wanted to share on here.  Daisy had been a little stuck in the same genre of humorous fiction and so with some gentle encouragement from myself and her teacher has decided to read a few different genres than she is usually used to reading.  Being dog mad and having a keen interest in the environment led to her choosing to read the Dog Runner.

The Dog Runner by Bren MacDibble

A picture of a book called the dog runner
This fictional adventure was written by the award- winning author of How to Bee.

This book is about two children Emery and Ella who go on an exciting adventure through the Australian outback with their 5 pet dogs, Oyster, Squid, Maroochy, Bear and Wolf.  Struggling to find food they have no choice but to leave the city and their lives behind, despite their Dad’s disapproval they head to find Emery’s mum who lives in the outback.  My favourite character in the book is Ella, she is a brave and cunning little girl who is fearless and I could really see myself in this character.  My favourite part of the book was when they were desperately needing food; on the edge of death they fortunately came across a kind farmer whilst they were camping out in the dry and dusty grasslands.  The farmer was kind and willing to help the two children and gave them some goats cheese, fruit, baked potatoes and more for survival.  The plot took lots of exciting twists that made you want to read more such as them meeting a man travelling with a gun which seemed pretty frightening.

I would say that the Dog Runner is aimed at adventurous kids, from the age of nine to thirteen.  I think that the book has an important message throughout on how to be resourceful and not waste our planet’s food supply, as the consequences are so damaging.

Books for Littles (age 4 plus)

Hattie Peck by Emma Levey

Imagine That Publishing

A picture of a book called Hattie Peck
First up is a heart-warming and beautifully illustrated Spring tale about a lovable hen. Hattie Peck the hen in question  has only ever laid one egg and it never hatched, leaving her very sad.  Hattie dreamed about eggs all the time so she embarked on a long trip around the world, collecting and rescuing all the abandoned eggs she could find. She has lots of very surprising  and determined adventures for a hen; diving under the sea, trekking through towns,  climbing mountains and trudging through caves on her travels.  This humorous picture book has a delightfuly fun ending, making it an absolutely lovely bedtime story with a moving message about what being a mother really means.                                                                                                           Teddy’s favourite part is when Hattie peck went underwater in search of eggs and saw all the sea creatures.  Teddy’s favourite animals that hatched were a tortoise and a platypus.  Florence’s favourite was the baby crocodile which was wearing a wooly hat that Hattie Peck had lovingly knitted.

This or That – Pippa Goodhart – British Museum with Nosy Crow

A boy sat reading book called 'This or That' on the sofa
If you’re a fan of the Pippa Goodhart’s Books Just Imagine and You Choose then this one is another fun addition to your child’s bookshelf. Pitched slightly older than those two books but still fun to do with toddlers also, this interactive book doesn’t disappoint. Pippa has teamed up with the British Museum to bring you tons of historic artefacts to choose from on each page. So will you choose to wear a toga or trousers, or live in a tent or a treehouse? My littles love picking and discussing what they would choose at the museum. To extend their learning further the objects are indexed at the back of the book and you can also scan the QR code and learn about the history of each artefact. What I love most about this book is the insight you gain into what your child picks as it often sums up their personalities through their choices!

I am so Clever – Mario Ramos – Gecko Press

A book being displayed called I am so clever
Teddy has recently enjoyed some nursery tale topics at school, so this book came just at the right time.  He loves a dastardly tale especially with Mr Wolf in it and so with the added suspense and a twist in the plot he enjoyed listening intently to the Wolf’s mishaps.  We thought it was original and surprising to fit so many recognisable  characters in the book.  The story has an important life lesson that you can discuss with the young reader and illustrations that are full of expressions. Teddy loved the way we told the tale with different fun and wicked sounded voices that’s fitting to the language used in the book.  We think this fun and snarly tale is great for 4 years plus.

Books for Preschoolers

Oink – David Elliot – Gecko press

a book being displayed called Oink
Recently we have had to explain to Florence that not everyone in the house wants to always share a bath!  So this simple light hearted story was again timely for us to share.  All that little pig wants is a bath in peace and yet it takes quite some time until his wishes are granted, as he’s joined by various noisy and messy farmyard animals.  The watercolour illustrations are expressive and apart from a few prompts on each page the story is up to you and your little one to tell together.  Teddy and Florence helped tell the story and share with me as to what was happening on each page.

Books for Toddlers

Counting 1-2-3  and Words -Tiny Town

Imagine That Publishing

a baby book called counting

Perfect for Spring time these pretty pastel hide and seek pull the tab books are fun, interactive and educational for little tots.

Counting 1-2-3 counts up to 10 with fun things to count and then reveal the number to aid number recognition.  Count the cats scootering past, how many windows in the train and jumping unicorns, these lovely unisex board book are a fun and pretty addition to a toddler’s bookshelf.

a baby book called words
Words – Hide and seek words in the same pretty pastel format with plenty on each page to look and discuss. With questions with picture prompts for your toddler such as on the water what can float? What cheerful noise has panda heard? Gives toddlers a good book to share when you’re wanting to keep their brains busy and active.

I hope you have found some new book inspiration in this Spring update on What we are reading.  Do let me know if you try any of these titles out and what your littles think of them.

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  1. Looks like a good selection of books! We love books too! 😊 #StayClassyMama

  2. Ooh some great new authors and books that I haven’t encountered before. Thanks for linking up to #stayclassymama with your recommendations

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