What we are reading – Library update

July 10, 2017

For this update we are again sharing with you the books we are reading, but this time they are all from the local library. It’s not always convenient or affordable to go book shopping, and the local library is also a good source of information on activities in your community.

Finlay is reading:

Bear Grylls’s Mission Survival: Lair of the Leopard.

He’s really into these action-packed boys adventure books, they’re pitched just right to appeal to 11 year old Scouts! Anything that gets him reading is good with me!

Daisy is reading:

Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck.

She’s really enjoying this series, and is often going with her nose in it, even to the point of asking for “just 5 more minutes” at bedtime!

Teddy is reading:

Lots! He loves the library and chose the following: Where’s the elephant? A lovely picture book where he has to hunt out the elephant in the picture.

The Something by Rebecca Cobb (author of the delightful Paper Dolls). This is another lovely book by this author, cleverly written and illustrated.

Spaghetti with the Yeti. A funny little book that definitely appeals to his mischievous sense of humour.

And finally, Teddy was given a book recently by a family friend, Dr Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go. This is just brilliant and one of my favourites. I have read this to Finlay, Daisy & Teddy as the life message is so worth sharing. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Charlotte is reading:

Nothing at the moment! She is working hard flying solo during the week with 4 children, building the blog and running the TeamStein social media accounts.

Douglas is reading:

Rick Jolly’s The Red and Green Life Machine: A Diary of the Falklands Field Hospital. I like reading about real experiences and adventures as you know, and this doesn’t disappoint. A gritty, honest, real-time diary of the Falklands war from a military medical perspective, it really makes you appreciate what the people who were on the casualty receiving end of the war went through.

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  1. The Daisy Pages says:

    I love taking the kids to our local library, and it’s a resource that I feel we are lucky to have. Both kids have enjoyed the Wimpy Kids books and my eldest is now working her way through Harry Potter 🙂

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