100 Things to do this Summer

July 6, 2019

A girl playing in the garden with bubblesFollowing on from last year’s Summer Activity post, I thought why not make it bigger and hopefully better.  I have put together this list with days at home in mind, staycations and a few holiday ideas, so that hopefully it will give you some inspiration whether you’re at home or away this Summer. I have tried to be mindful of all ages, as we have 4 ranging from 2-13, so I find it helpful to think about a broad range of ages when planning activities.

 I have included my Pinterest board of Holiday Boredom Busters that will hopefully link into giving you a bit more detail on some of the activities. If you manage to get to the bottom of the 100 list there is a handy image that you can use to refer easily to all 100 activities.   Lastly if you’re also in need of a complete Summer Holiday guide then do go check out my lovely friend Bethanie over at Northumberland Family Diaries who has put a handy guide together.   Now I present you with 100 things to do this Summer!


Roll down a Hill

Dinosaur Themed Play Day

Earn a Blue Peter Badge

Lego Engineering – Pulley systems and Lego Water Engineering

Nature Journey Sticks

Freeze Toys and Break them out of Ice

Make Pizzas

Chalk Art Competition 

Make Smores

Paint some Rocks

Camp Out

Random Act of Kindness

Pick your Own Fruit or Veg

Do a Science experiment or two 

Read a Chapter from a book out loud everyday 

Do Cartwheels and Roly Polies

Have a Sleepover

Do a Treasure Hunt with Clues

Cook a Meal

Feed the Ducks

Make Paper Aeroplanes

Make Daisy Chains

Make a Marble Run

Climb trees

Do some Junk Modelling

Start and Finish a Puzzle or Word Search

Make Shapes in the Clouds

Listen to an Audio book or Podcast

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Donate to a Food Bank

Play Rounders

Organise your Room and Donate Unwanted items to Charity 

Bike Obstacle Track / Stunts

Have a Picnic in the Woods

Go on a Bug Hunt 

Visit a Scooter Park

Play Catch With a Ball or Frisbee

Fly a Kite 

Paddle in the River or Sea 

Make a Movie

Play in the Rain

Visit the local library 

Write a Holiday Journal or a Story

Make Mud Pies

Game Night

Star Gaze

Make a Mini Raft

Build Sandcastles

Movie Night

Make Up a Play or Puppet Show

Play Hide and Seek with Grown Ups

Make Lemonade

Sew Something

Paint Self Portraits 

Go on a Hike

Make a Map of your Neighbourhood

Visit a Museum 

Attend a Free Event

Bake Cookies

Play Shops

Have a Water Fight

Make Ice Cream Sundaes

Play Crazy Golf

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset


Watch some Fireworks

Decorate T-shirts with Fabric Pens-

Rockpool or Pond Dipping

Build a Den

Visit a Castle


Pick up litter- Litter picking tool needed 

Play Spies accidentely

Take some photographs and Print them Out

Play Tennis

Write a Letter and Post it to Someone

Grow Cress

Go Geocaching

Play on a Rope Swing

Go Wildflower Nature Spotting

Make a Nature Home or Bird Feeder

Learn to Knit

Make Slime

Learn to Juggle

Make a Pinterest Craft

Go Crabbing

Visit a Festival or Concert

Make Jam

Flower Potions or Flower Perfume

Have a Campfire

Make Bread

Visit a Farm/ Animal Petting

Sail a Boat or Paddle a Canoe

Make a clay Pot

Pet Sit

Learn a New Skill

Visit a Forest School

Skim some Stones

Have Afternoon Tea

Learn and Tell some new Jokes


Visit my Pinterest Board Here


For help with holiday screen time rules for tweens and teens.  I have included this free link to download my screen time rules poster 


Screen time rules for 100 things to do this summer
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2 responses to “100 Things to do this Summer”

  1. There is a pick your own fruit and veg near us and every summer I mean to go but always forget! This year though, it is definitely on my list of things to do.

    Thank you so much for including my guide! X

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