A week of school memories

July 16, 2018

Last week brought back some memories for us. Teddy had a pirate themed settling in day at Reception with his school nursery class. We realised on the school field that we’ve had pirate themed days in Germany and in Aldershot with Fin and Daisy. I searched through old uploads on Facebook and da-da here is my montage of my swashbucklers!

Teddy soaked up the atmosphere of the day and especially enjoyed the forest school assault course. Florence also enjoyed joining in with the whole thing and the teachers happily let her!

Daisy had her first school disco. She was so excited and was quick to choose her outfit, which was true to Daisy style. She was excited to have some tuck money and also floss with her friend and teacher! As for me I loved spending some time with her painting her nails and washing her knotty hair!



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2 responses to “A week of school memories”

  1. Donna says:

    School discos and settling in days! Love the pirate theme – this time of year is just SO busy isn’t it!? x

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