Camping Meal Plan for families

September 10, 2018

Spending time as a family under canvas is our kind of family holiday! Many a summer now we have had happy camping trips to Devon. It’s often easier to have a camping meal plan list to make shopping and cooking easier after busy days at the beach. Camping in the UK often means a few hot days that make us reach for salad meals mixed with several cooler days that warrant a few hotpot style meals.

As a family we do eat meat and so this menu plan contains meat and fish, however we also enjoy plant based products. You could simply switch the meat options for plant based products as well.  We find cutting corners for our own sanity makes life easier in our small camp kitchen. Also switching our usual homemade / fresh foods we eat at home for more tinned produce and ready made sauces. This just makes life easier for us parents to cater for hungry hordes after a busy day.

Tacos – Ready made lime chicken breasts, rice, chickpeas, lettuce, avocado and mayo

Cooked Breakfast Dinner – Sausage/bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and Beans with toast.  A perfect easy first night meal!

Corned Beef Hash with canned potatoes, tinned peas, carrots and poached egg.

Pesto Pasta served with smoked sausage, crudités and salad.

Spaghetti Bolognese – made using a ready made sauce and tinned vegetables as it’s just easier in a camp kitchen.

Cowboy Beans – Baked Beans with added butter beans, can of herby garlic pasta sauce and chorizo Served with crusty bread. Optional -towards the end of cooking crack some eggs into the bean mixture and serve once cooked.

Fish – salmon or white fish served with canned potatoes, ready made cheese sauce and canned vegetables of choice.

Ready cooked chicken with salad, baguette, tinned sweetcorn, mixed salad beans and coleslaw & hummus.

Spanish omelettes made using ready made potatoes and anything else you want to throw in. Add in some salad, crusty bread or baked beans.

Thai curry – Chicken/prawn or vegetable curry with boil in the bag rice. Serve with Thai style crisps/ crackers

Ready made tortellini pasta cooked with tinned sweetcorn and served with salad and focaccia bread.

For the family members missing pizza! Take a soft tortilla wrap, spread ready made pizza sauce on one side and fill with grated mozzarella. Then place another soft tortilla wrap on top and then fry on both sides in teh frying pan. You can add in fresh basil, sliced tomatoes, ham, sweetcorn or any other easy topping if required. These are more of a tostada or quesadilla style of pizza.

Bowls of noodles – Cook up some noodles in a pan and then fry off sugar snap peas and baby corn (my kids aren’t great with these veggies but if we slice them up they sometimes eat them!) . Add in some cooked chicken or prawns and a stir fry sauce for a noodle treat.

I hope that this gives you some camping meal plan inspiration that enables us chefs to relax a little!

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