Camping Meal Planning

September 10, 2018

We recently spent 11 nights under canvas in August in Devon and although we had a few hot days there was definitely a few cooler days that warranted a few pot style meals. We do eat meat and so this menu plan Is meat and fish heavy.  We cut corners for our own sanity as we don’t have a huge camp kitchen.  We don’t normally eat as much tinned produce and ready made sauces etc at home but this is a holiday supposed to be easier on us parents to cater for our hungry hoard after a busy day at the beach so there is definitely a place for this style of cooking when camping.

Cooked Breakfast Dinner – Sausage/bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and Beans with toast.  A perfect easy first night meal!

Corned Beef Hash with canned potatoes, tinned peas, carrots and poached egg.

Pesto Pasta served with smoked sausage, crudités and salad.

Spaghetti Bolognese – made using a ready made sauce and tinned vegetables as it’s just easier in a camp kitchen.

Cowboy Beans – Baked Beans with added butter beans, can of herby garlic pasta sauce and chorizo Served with crusty bread.

Fish – salmon or white fish served with canned potatoes, ready made cheese sauce and canned vegetables of choice.

Ready cooked chicken with salad, baguette, tinned sweetcorn, mixed salad beans and coleslaw & hummus.

Spanish omelettes made using ready made potatoes and anything else you want to throw in. Bulk out with some salad and crusty bread.

Thai curry – Chicken/prawn or vegetable curry with boil in the bag rice. Serve with Thai style crisps/ crackers

I hope that this gives you some campsite meal inspiration that enables even the chefs to relax a little.

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