Classic Car Show in Castle Howard with Living Arrows 25/52 (2022)

June 22, 2022

Classic car show in Castle Howard

Another week of school routine passed by really quickly! The weekend came and we spent Sunday at the classic car show in Castle Howard. The boys are absolutely car mad and I hoped their enthusiasm would rub off on Dougie and make a nice Father’s Day day out!

classic car show in Castle Howard with a teenager next to an Aston Martin

The boys favourites were the Lamborghini and the Aston Martin DB6 Superleggera, definitely speed freaks!

a boy at the classic car show next to a sports car

As for us girls we liked a few models such as the James Bond style Aston Martin, a Ghostbusters car and a few of the cute vehicles such as the beetles.

a young child not to a vintage car

Overall the girls weren’t so keen on the classic car show and preferred spending more time in the playground. Unfortunately Flo was unable to go on the bouncy castle slide as she split her eyebrow the night before. I thought it wise with glue and steristrips holding her cut together that she didn’t chance it on an inflatable slide!

a young girl next to a Volkswagen bottle

I’m not sure if we will make it up for another visit to Castle Howard before we leave next week. I’m really feeling emotional about all these goodbyes to our friends and our happy places, it’s becoming very real now!

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2 responses to “Classic Car Show in Castle Howard with Living Arrows 25/52 (2022)”

  1. Donna says:

    This looks like such a great day out – we always really enjoy our local car show x

  2. Sarah says:

    Looks like great fun – I hope Flo is healing up OK x

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