Decorating for Easter on a Budget!

March 13, 2018

I have mentioned it before, I love a theme / celebration.  Easter to me is perfect as it’s like Christmas without all the stress of purchasing numerous presents and doesn’t lead to a dent in your bank account! A long weekend of eating and drinking, seeing family and hopefully a few brighter spring days is a winner in my eyes.In Germany Easter decorating is quite common and so when we moved back we continued with this new tradition.  This post will hopefully show you how to decorate a corner or two with Easter/ spring decorations on a budget.

I visited Poundland and Hobbycraft as their Easter things are all priced around the £1/£2 mark. I also keep previous Easter decorations in a recycling bag to re-use each year.  Added to this I used a few things from around the house and threw in a few frugal ideas.

We picked up a branch from a nearby wood and spray-painted it yellow.  I could have bought a decorating tree but this was a saving I was happy to make.  I then popped it into a vase with some tissue paper to hold it in place.  I purchased daisy flower fairy lights from Poundland and added my old Easter eggs to the branches.  I picked up a decorating kit for my kids to make their own in the holidays and they too can decorate their own branches. These kits are sold at both shops.

I then used some lovely ribbon from Hobbycraft to make an area to hang the kids easter craft from.  I find the Easter holidays the holidays where they craft the most as they have the time indoors that bit more and we usually have less family commitments.  I’m going to leave this ribbon up for their future artwork and also use it as a place to dry painted pictures.  I got some Poundland Easter pegs and so will swap these over after Easter.

Years ago I got a square of fake grass and so every year we place easter chicks on it and this has become a tradition of ours. It has since evolved with the addition of daisies, rabbits and now this year sheep! I’m sure it won’t look like this by tomorrow, once Flo gets her hands on it!

I purchased some floral tea light holders from Sainsbury’s and have some lovely scented tea lights to burn in them. Teamed with my favourite flowers this makes the perfect Spring touch.  I also have these two wooden Cath Kidston decoupage hearts that I purchased a year ago from an Instagram shop.

I also utilised our light box and retro peg board to display messages on, simple and effective. Most people have one of these now but if you don’t, they are pretty cheap to pick up.

I bought these cute Easter buckets from Poundland and I’m using them to house all the great Easter craft bits I got mainly from Hobbycraft’s £1 crafting range.  A great use of the buckets / baskets prior to egg hunting, and a winner as it looks so much tidier this way!

That’s it, it may not seem much, but it’s not Christmas, so no need to go crazy with decorating and I also wanted to stick to a small budget, plus the kids will no doubt add to the Easter decor with their own creations in the first week of the holidays.

I would love to see or hear from you if you plan to decorate your homes at Easter as I’m always on the look out for new ideas and inspiration!

Mum Muddling Through

5 responses to “Decorating for Easter on a Budget!”

  1. I love Poundland and it looks like you can pick up some amazing Easter buys there must try to get down there! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub xx

  2. Poundland is so great, I’m gutted we don’t have one closer, you’ve got some lovely bits and I loved the video xx

  3. Loved these ideas, I also enjoying decorating the house for Easter (although my husband isn’t too fussed!) Think I shall try out the Easter tree… off to find a suitable branch! X

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