Easter Holiday Top Ten Activity List

March 29, 2018

Easter marks the start of a much needed 2 weeks off to recharge our batteries after a distinct lack of Vitamin D over the Winter. With energy levels low we like to plan rest days mixed with days out to enjoy some lighter days and first signs of natures regrowth. I like to have a flexible plan for the longer school holidays so an Easter Holiday Top ten activity list is helpful for us all to enjoy the break.  With snow, wind and rain likely at this time of year we always plan some indoor activities while remaining hopeful to enjoy the outdoors where we can.  

  1. Visit a local Farm- The perfect time of the year to visit a farm, where you get to see all the new life. Florence hasn’t been to a farm since she was a newborn, so for her this will be exciting. She’s at the age where she loves to make animal noises when looking at them in her picture books. Teddy will also enjoy being able to feed the lambs. I’m going to pick a farm that has some play equipment that will also entertain the biggest tween of the family. Farms can be a bit pricey, so it’s always worth looking out for local voucher deals for discounted entry.
  2. Museum – Our family are really enjoying living so close to some great interactive family museums. Check out your local museums for Easter activities as they can have affordable or free entry and often offer a yearly pass at the same price as a day pass.
  3. Making the most of our National Trust Membership. If you have any NT sites close by I can’t recommend highly enough getting yearly membership. We pay for ours by monthly direct debit and often go and have an explore at our local sites both indoors and outdoors. So we plan to make more trips over the next few weeks, especially as they have a great list of Easter activities put on for the family. If you don’t have a NT site nearby, then look into stately homes or English Heritage options that you could visit instead.
  4. Cinema. We don’t often pay full price for a film as for a large family it can be an expensive day out. We find kids am sessions really helpful to us and we take lots of our own snacks to bring costs down.
  5. Easter crafting – There is always plenty of affordable spring themed craft in the shop. It’s probably our favourite time of year to craft. I have a lot of ideas placed on my Pinterest board and keep checking up on my blog for updated seasonal craft. You can also decorate your home for Easter using these simple ideas.
  6. Easter Sensory Play – A Tuff Tray filled with compost soil, plant pots, rakes, spades and potatoes – makes for a good potting area. Or alternatively a tuff tray filled with oats, scoopers and plastic eggs. This will keep the little ones nice and busy.
  7. Tidying up the garden- I bet most people’s gardens, if they’re not covered by snow or frost, will benefit from a real tidy up. We recently got the kids involved in pulling down dead branches, picking up litter and leaves to then have a small bonfire. Win-win as they had plenty of fresh air and we achieved a few jobs by ticking them off our list. You could even get them to wash down the garden toys, bring some forgotten summer toys out of the garage, or air the wendyhouse. We have some ideas on how to motivate the kids to get outdoors.
  8. Trip to the seaside- I love the beach out of season, when it’s cooler and not packed full of tourists. We now have a longer journey to the coast from where we are living, but about an hour should see us finding some much needed bracing air to blast the cobwebs away and grab our first outdoor ice cream of the year! I have some handy beach game ideas to extend your trip to the beach and keep them busy and warm.
  9. Indoor chill days- Family film time, Easter Lego themed creations, making dens and chill out areas and other indoor play activities to help keep kids entertained. Or for younger ones some easy indoor preschooler activities.
  10. Easter themed baking – My Pinterest board and blog is always on the look out for some more delicious baking or cooking to do with the kids. From Easter egg topped brownies to carrot cake or homemade hot cross buns

I hope that there is something for everyone on this Easter holiday top ten activity list. We have several ages to cater for, so being prepared can help out on the days where we all need a bit more entertaining.

The only ones left needing to be catered for is Dougie and I, who I hope will get the chance to have a peaceful bath and a coffee in relative peace!

Easter Holidays Top Ten Activity List

6 responses to “Easter Holiday Top Ten Activity List”

  1. mummyhereandthere says:

    Some fantastic ideas to do over the Easter holiday, I love going to the woods especially when you see all the beautiful bluebells about X #coolmumclub

  2. Some great ideas here! We have already ticked off Peter Rabbit and hoping to get to the coast and the garden…if it EVER stops raining!!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub…have fun and get that you time in somewhere!

  3. I do like the sound of these activities. Enjoy ticking them off. #CoolMumClub

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