Ecoegg review for doing the family laundry

July 2, 2020

*Disclosure we were sent an ecoegg laundry egg, detox tablets and an ecoegg dryer egg for review purposes. We have made quite a few eco switches in the past few months and are excited to be sharing these changes on here.

ecoegg review for laundry eggs, dryer eggs and detox tablets all in their packaging on a table.

What is an ecoegg

ecoegg review with the egg and the pellets with the instructions

The ecoegg is a complete replacement for both washing detergent and conditioner. It’s a recyclable plastic egg that’s guaranteed to last 10 years. The egg is filled with natural mineral pellets that last up to 70 washes before you need to replace them in your egg so it can keep on being reused. The pellets work together in the water to draw dirt away from your clothing fibres whilst softening your clothes by changing the pH, leaving your laundry clean and fresh without using harmful chemical detergents. It significantly reduces your single use plastic, reduces your laundry costs and at the same time is both skin and vegan friendly. They have worked closely with allergy uk to be an allergy friendly product.

laundry egg and pellets

How to use the ecoegg

First off Ecoegg recommend detoxing your washing machine before using your egg. Our washing machine came up much cleaner after using their detox tablets.

ecoegg detox tablets in a washing machine

Grab your ecoegg box and you will see that the recyclable cardboard / paper packaging has all the information you need to get started. You can also head over to ecoegg’s website for tons of useful egg laundry tips. The egg splits into two halves which fortunately lock together with a child safety lock for peace of mind. The pellets do, unfortunately for now, come in small plastic packets to keep them waterproof. Open and pour these pellets carefully into the bottom half of your egg. I say this as I accidentally dropped some on the floor! Simply lock the egg together and place on top of your laundry load inside the drum.

I did some research on my insta stories before using the egg to find the most efficient way of using it. Some helpful tips came through and I have continued to follow these tips to get the most out of it.

Our ecoegg review

We have been solely using the laundry egg now for over a month and haven’t felt the need to go back to our old detergent.

We have found that using the ecoegg means we do need to pre-soak any stained tops. Our kids regularly drop ketchup and chocolate ice cream down them and often have muddy patches on their clothes. I have had to make sure we use stain remover otherwise these stubborn stains don’t completely wash out. I also find that I’m now a bit more mindful to put an apron or an overall on them when getting dirty. Whites definitely need some baking soda in the load or other stain remover. We feel this is a small adjustment to make for using this natural, non biological, chemical free, skin sensitive, no-nasty laundry product.

A load of washing

We do find it more efficient if we wash smaller sized loads. This was probably something I was always guilty of doing when using laundry detergent, so now I’m just mindful of the size of my load.

We chose the fresh linen scent. There are around 3 scents and limited edition ones to choose from. I will say it’s not a strong scent but we are happy for our laundry to smell clean and natural. The softness of our laundry we are also happy with. If you do require a stronger scent the dryer eggs are perfect for boosting your fragrance whilst softening more if need be.

Laundry dryer eggs

We will be continuing to use the eco-egg as it is so cost effective and kinder to our skin and the planet. It is most definitely here to stay as one of our permanent and successful eco switches.

We will also continue using the ecoegg dryer eggs as the scent is fab. They work by using scent sticks that sit inside the rubber eggs. They really have cut our tumble drying time quite significantly. Most definitely more so than the sheep wool drying balls we previously were using.

We would love to hear from you if you plan to make the switch and how you get on using them.

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