Tackling the Laundry with the help of Ecover.

September 22, 2017

Britmums recently challenged me to take the #EcoverLaundry challenge, sponsored by Ecover. 

I was keen to try this out as I have been trying to phase out cleaners in my house that are full of chemicals and strong smelling fake bright colours, switching in favour for ‘ecological green cleaning’ products. Ecover definitely fits in with this ethos with it’s plant based non-bio formula, dermotogically tested & naturally inspired fragrance, whilst also being recommended by 89% of Mumsnet raters.  An important factor for me as a Mummy to 4 is that it’s kind to my baby’s sensitive skin whilst also powerful enough to get good results at cleaning my 4 grubby laundry-producing minions! I know I can put this to the test!

Our laundry routine is constant and pretty much daily! We have to wash 6-7 days a week as a family of 6 and some days we have more than one load. My washing goes on first thing in the morning around 7am before breakfast is even on the table. I then try hard to hang it outside depending on the weather and use an airer as much as possible in the winter but inevitably the tumble drier is a godsend to enable me to dry off the laundry ready for me to put it all away at bath time that evening.

 I can’t let the laundry build up as it would get on top of me, and I can’t rest in the evening knowing it’s not put away! The other reason for that is the quicker it’s dry and folded the less likely it is that I have to iron it all! My ironing pile consists of just the necessary uniform, shirts and duvet covers. It takes up far too much of my time and I sigh several times at the full laundry basket but it’s part of a busy household so it needs done.

The laundry liquid they sent me is their non-bio formula with a gorgeous sweet smelling lavender & sandalwood scent and I can honestly say if they could bottle the scent and turn it into a candle I would buy it! 

The liquid itself is clear and not gloopy. I put it to the test with a mixed coloured load at 40 and the results were great and the scent remained on the clothing, so with this I then washed all the bedding on a quick 30 and managed to put it out on the line which is always more satisfying (well it is to me!).

I also crossed my fingers that the lavender  scent will help us all get a good night’s sleep! Next up was the white load, covered in baby dribble, food & milk stains. Plus school whites that always appear home with black scuff marks.

I usually use a stain remover on school whites shirts but on this occasion had run out, so put this to the test by putting a small amount of liquid on the stains and then washing as normal on a higher wash. The stains to my surprise did come out.

Im happy to switch to this laundry liquid and wouldn’t tire of the scent and so I recommend ECover non bio lavender & Sandalwood laundry liquid and challenge you to give it a go!

If you wish to find out more about the company and their products then do go check out their website and follow them over on twitter and Instagram.




This post is an entry for Britmums #Ecover laundry challenge sponsored by ECover.

10 responses to “Tackling the Laundry with the help of Ecover.”

  1. What a difference with the stains! I think I’ll need to purchase some,I love Ecover products xx

  2. Catherine says:

    Really enjoyed reading this and will definitely give these products a go. Funny, made me laugh when you said about how much washing you do as a family of six. I was raised in a family of nine and every now and again the washing machine would conk out. We would literally be drowning in laundry! Lol!

  3. Rachelle says:

    This stuff sounds really good! I’ve used natural non-toxic type products for years but find they usually don’t have a nice or lasting scent. You do well with keeping up on washing for 6 people!

  4. Amy Palmer says:

    so happy to see that even the stubborn school stains were easily removed! Gentle cleaning products are a must with Lottie’s skin, so we think we might try this xx

  5. I’ve always wondered about trying ecover so it’s good to read that you liked it. I must give it a try!

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