Camping Tips and Tricks for Families

July 11, 2020
Camping tips and tricks for Families with 3 children outside a bell tent

Camping season is upon us and with lockdown restrictions having eased campsites are now mostly open. It seems appropriate now to share some top camping tips and tricks from some fellow parenting bloggers. I look through camping tips online each year as there are always ideas that I gather that makes camping comfortable, easier and more fun for all. This camping tips post shares practical tips as well as ideas for fun and games whilst under canvas.

Practical Camping Tips and Tricks

Camping s’mores

We find being near a small supermarket is handy for long camping trips as we never have room to fit ready prepared meals in the car. I have some meal ideas listed on my phone to make shopping and cooking easy. This camping meal plan is one that we have used few times now for our longer trips away.

Claire, who blogs over at Red Kite Days, has a great camping trick of freezing half your milk before you go and this can act as an ice block in your cool box without taking up extra space.

Katie who blogs at Mum’s Family Fun Says take a dustpan and brush with you. With the kids in and out of the tent all day it soon ends up with bits of grass and all sorts all over the floor. A quick sweep each day with the dustpan and brush helps keep it tidy.

We find taking a small rug/runner for the inside of the tent also helps keep the tent drier and cleaner.

Karen at Travel Mad Mum highlights a really handy tip especially for camping trips this year, and that is to bring a solar shower for easy warm water and quick nature baths before bed. 
The water could also be used for washing the dishes if needed!

We also find taking a plastic trug with us that combos up for carrying dishes etc around the campsite but can also fit small children in for a bath or a water play bowl on a hot day.

Ella over at Typical Mummy Blog recommends giving each child their own torch to put under their pillow. Then if they wake in the night and feel scared in the dark they feel safer because they know exactly where their torch is. Another tip is to wrap solar powered fairy lights around the guy-ropes. Then if they go to the loo in the night they can recognise which tent is ours and also don’t trip over the ropes in the dark.

Tent and a baby playing outside
Image credit – Welsh Mum

Christy from Welsh Mum blog offers a great tip to research the camp site and ask for a pitch near to the toilet block so you don’t have to stumble half way across the campsite at night when they need the loo, but not too close so you’re not disturbed by other people dong the same!

Sarah at Kippers and Curtains recommends taking lots of snacky food like cereal bars and things that can be easily boiled up like instant noodles and pasta pots for lunch. Sarah also recommends taking a throw or duvet to put on top of sleeping bags for extra warmth as it can get cold at night. Plus don’t forget thick slipper socks for inside the tent and wellies for outside when the grass is damp in the early morning.

Josie, who blogs over at Me Them and the Others, makes a good point for camping in the UK that even if you’re going in mid summer, take winter stuff, including woolly hats! It can get very cold at night and there are enough reasons for kids not to sleep without cold being one of them!

Louise who blogs at Pink Pear Bear is a festival go-er and likes to be organised with her essentials list that includes a pillow from home and rucksack so everyone can carry their own things.

Bethanie who blogs at Northumberland Family Diaries Recommends doing a little research into the site first. Look for sites that don’t allow large groups so it isn’t going to be too noisy. Read reviews before booking or even do a drive-by if you aren’t travelling too far a field. She advises to find recommended sites, so get chatting to friends and family to see if they have stayed anywhere they would recommend.

We also check out the cool camping guide, trip advisor reviews and ever year I google “hidden gem campsites”

Emma over at Bubbablue and Me has a top tip of making sure you go through campsite etiquette before you go and follow through on what to expect, ie no walking through other people’s pitches, abiding by curfew etc.

Nicole over at Tales from Mamaville Shares some glamping tips such as Make sure you have an extensive first-aid kit or medicine box. Remember, most sites are out in the countryside, and not always near a pharmacy or a hospital. So take all the medicines you think your child might require.

Fun and Games

Two kids having an outdoor camping bath

This top tip from Carrie at Flying with a Baby is both practical for parents but a fun one for the kids. Give older kids a walkie talkie each to give them more freedom around the campsite but easy to keep in touch with you.

Audiobooks are so handy to wind down the kids after a busy day. This list of summer audiobooks comes in handy for various age groups.

Emma who blogs at Mini Me’s and Me highlights how camping can really give you time to enjoy time with your children by simply talking to them, playing charades and being silly!

Tina at Mothergeek packs small things like dominos and playing cards as they are perfect for passing time on rainy days. A Domino rally over the camp table or making a playing card tower are great for kids only activities too.

Mandi who blogs at Big Family Little Adventures has 10 top games for the campsite including ring toss, Uno and taking your own water pistols.

If all of these camping tips and tricks overwhelm you then Liberty who blogs at Liberty on the Lighter Side can always try and change your mind on camping with a funny account on 9 pitfalls to avoid when camping with your family!

I hope that these camping tips and tricks have given you some practical and fun ideas for making your stay under canvas more enjoyable for the family. Being warm, dry, comfortable and well fed are all you really need to make it a success. I think it’s safe to expect that you will all be more disheveled and the kids a little more feral but that’s what makes for a fun break from home and fond memories for years to come.

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