How to be Organised in June

May 31, 2019

flowers in a jar and chalk in a jar with a diary
Welcome back to my Monthly family Organising post.  I’m really enjoying writing these posts, as it also helps me to remember dates and plan ahead to be more organised each month.  June is one of my favourite months, a month where I think about eating strawberries, playing tennis and having picnics.  I find it’s often the nicest month of Summer, so I intend to make the most of the good weather and be mostly outdoors doing our Summer organising than indoors!

Summer Organisation

Summer organising with a Father's Day StarWars Yoda card

Father’s Day 16th June – Get organised with a few homemade cards or gifts, you could even get ahead by having the kids do some Father’s Day crafting in half term.  I have put together some Father’s Day ideas to inspire you.

30 days wild- We do try and take part as much as we can in 30 days wild. We may forget a few days here and there but it doesn’t matter as long as you take part.  We have done it for a few years now and we always learn new things about our own garden and nature.   It also makes us more aware to slow down and look for all things wild.  You can sign up here for a pack to help you follow at home a picture of Stonehenge in the distance

Summer solstice  21st June –  As most of us (due to Covid -19) haven’t got any elaborate plans how about Celebrating the solstice with your own little festival in your garden.  Pitch a tent, have a BBQ and enjoy all those daylight hours.   Sounds perfect after a long hot week in school or work.

A watermelon cut up with a heart shape

Getting Summer ready- Now is the time to make sure you have all the things you need to keep cool this summer.  Whether that’s bringing out a paddling pool and some water pistols for the kids to play with or making some frozen smoothie lollies.  Mine like anything frozen and so having some frozen yoghurts, juice or smoothies in the freezer really helps.  I also make sure I have the mini ice packs at the ready for lunchboxes and picnics.  

Plant in the garden – If you haven’t already, get planting some summer flowers, fruit and vegetables.  We have done a little planting in the past few days, so we can make the most of the flowering from Summer through to Autumn.  We have opted for some wildflowers, lavenders and herbs for the bees and the scents.  And we have just dug a vegetable patch and planted some tomato plants, strawberries, cucumber and squash.  If you’re tight on space then you could always grow cress /salad leaves on a windowsill or even some hanging strawberries in plants.

June Meal Planning

Here is our Meal Plan for the month.

Final Note

We are nearly 1/2 way to Christmas, repeat 1/2 way!  This is such a scary thought, as I’m sure it was Christmas only last week!  If you haven’t already, get putting some money aside now to make December less stressful.  It really will make a difference even if you start now.  If money is tight now, then add some loose change to a jar and see it all add up.  Or start buying an extra gift each time you go shopping, to ease the time and cost later on.

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  1. Sally says:

    Ahh, I was totally onboard until you mentioned Christmas. Noooooo!

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