How to make Pumpkin Soup!

October 31, 2017

pumpkin soup in a jar with a wooden spoon
Leftover pumpkin or squash in your home from Halloween? Here is a deliciously easy soup recipe that even our children enjoy.

There is something ever so comforting about a big bowl of warm soup on a cold Autumn/Winters day.  We love our soup served with crusty fresh bread and often have this as a lunch time meal, light evening meal and even out and about served out of a flask on a picnic. See our Autumn /Winter picnic ideas 

Squash on a roasting tinIt really is such a simple soup recipe and one that you can just throw together quickly in the one pot  or if using a soup kettle.  I have included an old favourite funny video of me making the soup whilst juggling motherhood.  I thought it would just liven up a post all about soup!


a recipe photo for soup

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