How to be Organised in May

April 30, 2019

Another new month, with Easter firmly behind us and kids all back to school, so I’m hoping that May might be a little bit of a quieter month with just a few things to do around the family home indoors and outdoors to organise.


There are still some holidays to plan this May with some of the UK having May Day Monday the 6th and Whitsun half term starting with a Bank holiday on Monday 27th.

Start planning some May days out and start to pick up kids’ resources for using outdoors.

Outdoors Organisation

Planting – Hopefully a few April showers will bring May. flowers 

Get tidying up the dead spring bulbs by trimming /tying them off (leaving the bulb) in the ground to re-flower next year.  Around these plant your summer bedding for the coming months.   Also a great way to encourage insects to the garden is to plant wildflower mixes/seed patches for bees to pollinate. Now is a great time to think about planting fruits and vegetables for the summer, such as strawberries and tomatoes. Look at helpful planting sites like this RHS one.


With more fruit and vegetable being eaten and a shift to the outdoors, maybe try out composting if you haven’t done so already.  There are many ideas on Pinterest for large or small compost bins for your home or garden.  It’s great for recycling food waste and will be a handy addition to your garden in a years to come.

Dining al fresco

Making a lovely seating area outdoors to enjoy in the better weather.  Putting a lavender plant pot on your table or hanging up some fairy lights, makes an outdoor space really inviting for meals and/or coffee break.

Indoors organisation


Have a quick sort through of wardrobes and coat rails for last season’s Winter/Spring clothing no longer needed to either put away for next winter/sell or give to charity.  I find having bulky items put away helps me see what we all have in our summer wardrobes.

Bringing the outside indoors

With cheap spring flowers dying out, I look towards growing herbs on sunny windowsills.  Opening all the windows letting fresh air in and lighting some summery fragranced candles can make all the difference to Summer hygge in your home.

Meal plans

Having got through the Easter indulgence, it’s time to get healthier ready for Summer. We all enjoy salads and fruits so much more when the weather is warmer. We enjoy more picnic style and bbq meals. Here is our May meal plan for what we will be eating/trying out in

Looking forward to Summer

I try to plan out a list of places and things to do at home in preparation for the long Summer break,  this means it doesn’t become too daunting come July when we have 6 weeks to plan for. I usually start with activities to do like this one

Hopefully this organisational post will give you a few ideas and help with being an organised family this May.


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