Living Arrows 21~52

May 27, 2019

Living Arrows is a weekly bloggers link up kindly hosted by Donna at ‘What the Redhead Said’

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran

The last week of term, always goes by in a flash!  I went to a school music concert as Daisy was singing in the choir, unfortunately I couldn’t really see her very well but it was  great to hear so many musical children perform, albeit the recorders are always a little too loud!  I also enjoyed having some time to take Daisy roller-booting  around the block, she’s taken to it far better than I did as a child!

Teddy wowed us again this week by being star of the week and bringing home the class mascot for the school holidays.  He also moved up a swimming level, with the end of his first year at school in sight these certificates are a real reminder that he’s growing up very fast.  It’s also comforting to know that although he can be a little tricky at home at times, he’s a really good boy at school.   I’m sure I would rather have it that way, I may have to tell myself that, next time he’s having a meltdown!

Finlay has been mowing the front lawn for some pocket money.  We are pretty impressed that we have found a chore for him to do that he doesn’t moan about doing!  We are hoping that he will soon be doing the back garden, as it’s quite a bit bigger! We need to get some photographic evidence of him hard at work.

Florence and I have been a bit green fingered this week by enjoying planting some fruit and vegetables into our new veg patch.  She is at an age where she loves helping us and learning so many new things.  We also popped to a new store opening in York and Florence got to meet Peppa pig.  She was absolutely delighted as she is Peppa obsessed.

We have no plans for Bank Holiday weekend as Dougie is away and it’s a little daunting to go anywhere with all four of them when it’s busy.  So we have had a slow weekend and haven’t planned much for the week.  I may be regretting this by Monday and start to find a few more outings or cafes in which to feed them, for a break!

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Living Arrows

3 responses to “Living Arrows 21~52”

  1. I loved my roller boots when I was younger! Not sure how well I would do on them now though! I love the photo of Florence gardening, it’s so nice when they want to get involved and help isn’t it! x #LivingArrows

  2. Donna says:

    I love how much you’ve crammed into a week – they look so happy! x

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