Living Arrows 35/52 A quiet week and a trip to Balloon Tree Farm Cafe.

September 1, 2020

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” We’ve had another quiet week. Although as I type this, I realise that it doesn’t sound like it as we attended my friends Birthday BBQ, had a lovely mid week lunch out at Balloon Tree Farm Cafe and a cycling afternoon at Dalby forest.

A child dressed as a dinosaur

Having a quiet week at home has also meant I haven’t taken many photographs of the children. I have mainly let the kids just play and entertain each other whilst I got on with quite a few work and house jobs..

3 children at balloon tree farm cafe and one eating trifle

As I said we did break up the week of jobs by visiting the Balloon tree farm cafe as we could make the most of the eat out scheme. We often visit the pyo fruit farm shop but don’t often eat at the cafe. The food was delicious and as we sat outside the kids just played in the small playpark for a couple of hours. It was one of the most chilled out meals out I have had for ages! Teddy was excited they had trifle as he’s had it once before there and loved it. I snapped this pic of him and his trifle and Fin and Flo wanted in on the action!

a child smiling into the camera

It seems very apt to include two pictures of my little shadow this week. As soon as I have taken a break from getting jobs ticked off and sat down, she’s made sure she’s sat right by me for some attention!

a mum and 4 children smiling after a cycle ride in Dalby forest

Lastly I had to include this impromptu photo of myself and the kids enjoying a picnic stop on our cycle around Dalby Forest. I felt proud of myself for taking all 4 around an 8 mile cycle trail and with some help from Fin successfully getting all the bikes secured onto the bike rack!

I’m going to leave this week’s Living Arrows here as this really is the extent of my photos of the children for the week. Before I sign off. I wanted to take the opportunity to just acknowledge those who return to school this week. We start back next week, later than most it seems. I know that I will have mixed feelings about how it all will be on our return to school and will miss what we’ve had at home over the past nearly six months. Anyway before I digress, I just wanted to say I hope it all goes smoothly for both you and your children.

Living Arrows

For anyone wanting to visit Balloon Tree Fram cafe they are operating an efficient on the day queuing system rater than pre-bookings. They have also put into place some good social distancing measures.

2 responses to “Living Arrows 35/52 A quiet week and a trip to Balloon Tree Farm Cafe.”

  1. Donna says:

    That bike ride is impressive – I think you should be so proud of yourself, the sort of thing I wouldn’t attempt! Teddy has great taste, that trifle looks epic x

  2. What a lovely week and well done on the bike ride. You are very brave I am not sure I would have managed. I hope your return to school goes well on Monday We are the same. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition for all xx

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