Living Arrows 40~52

October 7, 2019

How is it that we’re already past the three quarters of the year marker and I’m writing the 40th Living Arrows?! It’s been a very mixed week for us. The children are definitely showing real signs of term time fatigue, so it’s been testing at times. That said, there have been some lovely moments shared throughout the week also. I haven’t really taken many pictures yet again as we haven’t had any family time altogether as TeamStein Daddy and I have been busy tag teaming the kids activities and social lives. Little girl looking at a sheep

My photos have been taken whilst Florence and I had two lovely days, both of which involved seeing farm animals and playing in the park. She loved seeing the animals and was surprised to see that Derek the sheep was having a wash with some baby shampoo!

Child on a swing I love this expression on Flo’s face, it really sums up her mischievous side. She was enjoying showing off to another little girl on the swings and making her laugh with her funny expressions and chit chat.

Living Arrows


3 responses to “Living Arrows 40~52”

  1. Donna says:

    It often feel like many families are tag teaming – especially when you have more than one child. I hope things have quietened down! x

  2. I struggle with managing two I don’t know how you do four. I am totally loving the photo of Flo on the swing. Hope you had a lovely wedding anniversary x

  3. Sarah says:

    It sounds like you’re having the same struggles as us – end of term fatigue is definitely set in here too. And that looks like such an awesome sheep!

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