Paulos Circus Review

April 14, 2019

*We were gifted family Circus tickets for Paulos Circus  2019 in exchange for an honest and open review of our experience.*

A circus big top tent

Who needs to stay at home and watch Britain’s got talent when you have Paulos Circus in town!  We haven’t been to the circus for years and so we weren’t very sure what to expect when we were kindly offered tickets in York. I can honestly say that the family were not disappointed as we kicked off the first day of the Easter holidays with a good dose of family fun.

A circus performer riding a unicycle on a tightrope

We arrived slightly early to get good seats as it’s first come first served with seat allocation and we were happy to get ringside seats.  The smell of popcorn was too good to resist and so we got 2 paper bagfulls at £3 per bag.  We shared the popcorn between us all, as the little two don’t eat much popcorn.  The servings were generous and the candy striped paper bags added to the circus experience.  The little two were very keen on having a flashing spinner so we treated them to these at £4 each.  The staff were all very welcoming and helpful on arrival. As there is no interval, I recommend going to the toilet before the show.

A boy excited by watching the circusThe show had a really family friendly feel to it and was such a good mix of old fashioned variety entertainment and modern day stunts.  The show opened with a really amusing and impressive tightrope act.  Then it went on to impress us with various performers.  We each had our own favourite act of the night;  the suspense and thrilling knife act, the balancing mime artist, the cocktail shaking juggler, the impressive mermaid gymnast and the incredible strongman who impressed Teddy with his strength.   The atmosphere was just perfect for young children with clapping, cheering, flashing lights and special effects.

circus performer balancing upside down on chairs

Paulos Circus 2019 is certainly a great show for all ages, it kept all our children (aged from 2-13yo) totally mesmerised and not only were they thoroughly entertained, so were we!

circus show

Dad and 2 girls enjoying a circus show

Paulo’s circus is in York at ROKO Health Club, Stirling Road, York, YO30 4TU from Friday the 5th of April- Sunday the 12th of May.  Tickets are priced at £7 per person and so are a really affordable trip out for all the family.

For latest updates on their 2019 tour check out their Facebook or Twitter page.


Thursdays and Fridays 5pm &7.15pm                                                                                 Saturdays and Sundays 2pm&4.30pm                                                                                       Bank Holiday Monday 22/4 & 6/5 2pm &4.30pm

The box office is open on site and the information line is 07508584811.  Paulos Circus 2019 will then be returning to Pontefract, Farmer Copleys 23rd of May till 2nd of June.


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