Visiting Yorkshire Lavender

July 18, 2019

We have been fortunate to live close enough to a local hidden gem, Yorkshire Lavender at Terrington, York. This is such a firm favourite of ours to visit not just for when the lavender is flowering but the whole season it’s open.

I think the main reason this spot is really something special is down to the breathtaking views that make you feel like you’re staring at an amazing painting. There is just a great feel of open space there amongst the lavender. So the space, views and plants make you feel total calmness. If ever life’s stresses are getting to you then head on up there and any worries will be lifted whilst you’re there. Then there’s the compelling story behind the farm. The owner sadly lost his late wife and decided to take a change of direction for him and his young children and so the Yorkshire Lavender Farm started. You can still bump into the owner who is often spotted in the lavender nursery and seems a very interesting character.

Is it Child friendly?

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