Piglets Pumpkin Festival and After School Activities with Living Arrows 40/52

October 5, 2020

This week we visited the farm three times as having just bought annual passes we’re trying to make the most of it whilst the weather is more settled. On Sunday we visited Piglets pumpkin festival and it proved to be a really fun day out. The Coronavirus measures put in place meant that we could still have lots of fun in a safe and sensible way.

Piglets adventure farm tractor barrel ride

Their favourite activities at Piglets pumpkin festival were the maze, the barrel ride (recently returned since the start of Coronavirus) the corn cannon which was great fun for all (including us grown ups!) and then picking their farm grown pumpkins. I always prefer visiting a patch where they have actually grown them rather than just placed them in a field.

Piglets pumpkin festival  with a girl carrying a pumpkin

As always Daisy picked the smallest pumpkin she could find and Teddy took after Finlay in the past in wanting the biggest one of the patch!

A boy carrying a large pumpkin at the pumpkin festival

I absolutely love visiting a pumpkin patch, I don’t know why but it’s definitely one of my favourite places to take pictures of the kids.

The pumpkin patch had a one way system of walking around the animal barn, past the corn cannon and onto the carving area and it worked really well. It was pretty quiet, maybe because we visited early on in the Piglets pumpkin festival or because we left it until later in the day to go.

A boy carrying a large pumpkin in a field

In between doing lots of jobs in the house still this week and visiting the farm, the kids have enjoyed getting back from school and playing. We made some conker playdough elf people and Teddy surprised me in the fact he really enjoyed creating his, as you can see by his big grin!

A boy smiling with a playdough conker person

Daisy baked a cake before the shopping arrived that had no eggs or butter in it. The recipe is called a depression cake and to be honest it was a bit of a depressing cake apart from the yummy icing on top! She too was pretty proud of her piping handiwork.

A girl holding up a cake

On a final note, I can’t believe we’ve hit week 40 of Living Arrows! The weeks are so full-on now and I think they’re just going to fly by now we’re back to such a busy school, work and life balance.

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Living Arrows

If you’re thinking of visiting Piglets pumpkin festival it is on every weekend in October and and every day in half term from 24th October to 1st November. Visit their website for more information.\

7 responses to “Piglets Pumpkin Festival and After School Activities with Living Arrows 40/52”

  1. Looks like a really great day out. We’ve never taken our 3 year old pumpkin picking but she’s started to request a pumpkin so i’ll have to have a look what’s local to us.

    Katrina x

  2. Donna says:

    Every time we’ve tried to go pumpkin picking it’s been a disaster. I think we need somewhere like this! It looks like such a great day out! x

  3. I didn’t realise people just placed them in a field!! I’m with you would much prefer to actually pick them! Looks like you all had a lot of fun

  4. Sarah says:

    It looks like you had a fab day out – I love the pink barrel ride! We’ve never been to a pumpkin patch either. There aren’t many near here, and the boys have never really been interested but maybe we’ll give it a go sometime.

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