Pumpkin Mad for Half Term with Living Arrows 44/52

November 1, 2020

With a week at home for half term we have done nothing but go a bit pumpkin mad and halloween crazy! I always find October half term easy to fill with a few days out and some much needed days at home doing halloween based activities.

This post is going to be pumpkin mad as most of our activities had a pumpkin pretty close by! Halloween was most definitely a welcome distraction for us this year. After another visit to piglets farm we had yet more free pumpkins to bring home. As the field was pretty muddy this week from days of rain we brought our very muddy pumpkins home for a clean.

Florence has pretty much worn fancy dress costumes this week so I loved that I got this snap of her in her onesie rubbing her pumpkin.

Finlay also enjoyed taking a drill to his pumpkin and wrote boo on the front. It looked pretty effective when lit up at night.

On Halloween our small neighbourhood decided to do a pumpkin trail to make up for no trip or treating. We had an early walk around followed by a party dinner and some games. The kids loved dressing up this year as they all had different costumes to previous years. We have had a lovely week recharging at home, it was very much needed. I’m feeling a little anxious about the next half term ahead with lockdown and how stop start it could all be. I’m sending love to you all as we embark on yet another period of uncertainty.

2 responses to “Pumpkin Mad for Half Term with Living Arrows 44/52”

  1. Donna says:

    It looks and sounds like you guys had a great Halloween! x

  2. Sounds like lots of fun! The patch was muddy where we went to. I love the idea of using the drill. Hope you had a great half term

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