Review of Bee Bee Wraps and 5 Top Tips to Reduce Waste In the Kitchen

November 1, 2018

Who recently watched the BBC documentary drowning in plastic?  It was such a hard program to watch but yet something we all should watch to see the catastrophic damage to our oceans, rivers, land through the sheer amount of plastic we’re using.   It was yet another stark reminder to us, as a family to make more positive steps for reducing plastic and waste in our household.

If you follow our regular eco updates you will know we are making so many positive changes around our home to reduce our families waste but so far we haven’t touched on what we have been doing in the kitchen to reduce waste.  So without further ado here are my top tips to reduce waste in your kitchen.

Ditch the Cling Film

Using cling film is something that we won’t be returning to as a household.  Anything that is single use and contains plastic is just contributing further to the plastic mountains.  So I was on the hunt for a plastic free alternative when I came across BeeBee Wraps.  A business that was originally started up in a kitchen adopting an ethical and sustainable business from cotton grower through to production.   BeeBee beeswax wraps are made from organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil.   They keep food fresher for longer, in a natural way whilst eliminating the need for cling film.  They’re really simple to use just mould your wrap with warm hands to your food or container to create a breathable seal. Then when you’re finished simply wash under cold water with eco friendly soap.  

We especially like the way you can fold the wrap into a handy pouch to pop kids snacks into for picnics and packed lunches. Lastly the funky designs also make them an aesthetically pleasing addition to your picnic and kitchen as well as being super functional.  You can stock up on yours here BeeBee Wraps

Compost your food scraps

If you don’t have a local recycling service for food waste then make your own compost box or bin. We have been composting our leftovers for a few months now in the hope we will eventually have good compost to use in the garden. If you don’t have the space for a bin then there are ways around it such as finding out if you have a local community composting programme in your area.

Meal Plan

We have been meal planning in our house for well over a year now and the benefits are great for reducing food waste and home organisation. I don’t overbuy products in, as I know exactly what I need for each meal, thus reducing the amount of food waste for our large family.

Utilise the Freezer – This is great for freeezing leftover meals, or for a glut in produce you might have, we recently acquired a heap of cooling apples, so I cooked them up and froze them for a later date.

Ditch the Kitchen Roll- Spills can easily be mopped up by cloths, old clothes and tea towels. All of which can be re-washed and not be single use.

I hope that these tips help you start your waste reducing journey in your kitchen.

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  1. These look great and I am always on the look out for good ways to save waste. Thanks for joining the #DreamTeam

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