The Wool Room Sleeping Bag Review and our Bed time Routine.

June 7, 2018

All four of our babies have all had different temperaments, personalties and sleep patterns.  Not one of our babies has been the same, there has been similarities made between them, but on the whole it is true that every child is different.  This is definitely true when it comes to sleeping.  I have had a dream baby when it comes to sleeping, a fantastic napping baby and a baby that prefers to cat nap.   One thing that we have always stuck to with all of our babies is a strict bedtime routine.  After a busy day working and parenting there is one thing we enjoy and that is time in the evening to ourselves to catch up on life, jobs, hobbies, tv, time with each other, oh and instagram of course!

For us having a full-on time between tea time and bed time dedicated to our little ones has always been really important as on work days this is the only time my husband gets to see them.  We have always felt an evening and bedtime routine makes for a less tired, happier baby and a happier us! After teatime, whilst I do all the mum jobs of clearing up and tidying,  we let our older ones chase about a little as they’re usually a bit giddy at this time, and for our babies usually play time on a baby mat or some baby activity/walker contraption. Florence was never a fan of her ‘ring of neglect’ as we called it!  We then pretty much without fail bath our children every night, this time to wind down is really important to them and us. The nights where we haven’t done a bath just never seem to flow as well as the nights we do.

We then pop some of our favourite baby/toddler moisturiser on them and get them in their pyjamas whilst usually going through our repertoire of nursery rhymes!  At this point we close the curtains, pop our baby Florence into her sleeping bag and read to the two little ones. During this time the older two get washed and into their pyjamas and have their reading/quiet time and yes we do have to remind them several times to do everything as they have selective hearing of course!

Our musts after bath time have always been the same for 12 years now and include the following for us:

We read to our babies; we started with Fin when he was a few weeks old, as we were super keen first time parents! We have then carried this on with all of them, as we hope it’s one of the reasons they all have an interest in reading and yes, Dougie and I are suckers for a good kids story!

We try our best for our babies bedrooms to be as dark as possible as we feel a dark bedroom helps them sleep longer in the morning at a young age.   Our babies have all enjoyed their milk, after that they are placed in their cot/bed with their favourite comforters. We then usually swiftly exit and with crossed fingers (every night) hope they go off to the land of nod.

(Please note Florence is over 1 years of age and can roll from back to front and back again independently)

With all of our babies we have placed them in sleeping bags until they’re a good 2 1/2.  We find that we sleep better knowing that they aren’t going to wriggle with loose covers and have them too close to their faces or kick the covers off and get too cold.  So for us as parents this has been one of the most reassuring baby newborn essentials we have always used.  We have a temperature gauge in their bedroom and so know which tog sleeping bag to use and what layers of clothing they need to wear with the bag.  It’s just that peace of mind as a tired parent that you need.  I have always been particular in choosing a high quality sleeping bag as to me it’s one of my top essentials.  So when we were sent a new sleeping bag to review, I was very pleased as one of Florences old bags which was handed down by Teddy had definitely been used enough. We were very ready for a new one.

This baby wool bag has everything we as parents look for in a sleeping bag and much more! The main factors I have looked for previously have been that a bag conforms to British Standard, is flame retardant and is machine washable.  Then there are all the additional benefits to the baby wool bag which for me puts it ahead of other baby sleeping bags.   The baby wool sleeping bags are naturally breathable, certified naturally hypoallergenic by Allergy UK  and regulate humidity to maintain baby’s temperature.  So this bag has a soft British wool blend combined with oekotex certified 100% organic cotton outer covers and NO synthetic layers. This is the only baby sleeping bag with the UK seal of approval and so very suited to those babies who have asthma and eczema concerns. We have a child that suffers from fungus and dust allergens, so we also know how much difference a dust free bedroom can make and having a UK Allergy seal of approval plus being natural and chemical free is fab for Florence to have a healthy and natural nights sleep.    Another key factor for me is that it delivers 25% better heat regulation then best selling polyester filled sleeping bags.   The wool bag couldn’t get any better, oh no wait, it does! It’s all eco friendly natural packaging, and ours came in a very handy bag that I’m going to use for packing Florences night wear in when travelling.  The wool is sourced from British wool, UK farms and growers.  And lastly the wool bag is such a cute design and Florence who can now say ‘bag” when I get her ready for bed is already babbling and pointing about her jungle print bag!  All of the wool bag designs are funky and bright and so would be a cheerful yet safe addition to any nursery.  So all that is left to say is that yes she slept well all week in her bag and so long may it continue!

You can shop for this product at the Wool Room

I have been gifted this product but as always my opinions are my own and always honest.

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8 responses to “The Wool Room Sleeping Bag Review and our Bed time Routine.”

  1. welshmumwriting says:

    That looks great. We loved sleeping bags when SB was younger. He was in them up until he was about two. These ones look comfy, cool and snuggly. # ThursdayTeam

  2. Oh I miss those baby sleeping bag days! I agree they are one of the best baby products – we couldn’t have lived without ours. This one is gorgeous.
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

  3. emptynestmummy says:

    Oh gosh! I wish they made those in grown-up sizes! #itsok

  4. Bedtime routines, sooooo important both for our littles and our sanity! Thanks for joining us as #itsok

  5. This sleeping bag looks lovely. We always use them, Evie is still in one but I need another now she is bigger. I agree on a good evening routine, it really helps xx #thursdayteam

  6. Claire says:

    Looks brill – i like the look of this for my lo

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