Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

January 31, 2019

February in my opinion is not a very exciting month of the year as following from  January we’re still tightening our money belts, the weather can be bitterly cold, and it’s a bit of an in-between kinda month.  So anything to keep us all cheerful is very welcome indeed.

Dougie and I always dine in at home on Valentine’s night, just the two of us. We feel it only fair and fun that we give the kids a fun themed tea before we have our home date night without them! On the run up to Valentine’s Day,  I like to make a trip to the poundshop (dollar tree for any U.S readers)  and pick up some Valentine’s Day decor.  Then I keep what I have bought each year and re-use it.  This year for our table decorating we have bunting, fairy lights, dishes and paper decorations all for only a few pounds.

I also like to theme some kids craft activities around Valentines Day as the opportunities to be outside are less in the Winter here and it gives them some things to keep them busy.  So aside from our usual handmade cards the kids make for us, this year we will be doing the following:

We will be making some bird food feeders as it’s good for the children to learn that the birds need some extra help finding food at this time of year.  We have made some heart shaped bird feeders, to show the garden birds some love in this bitterly cold Yorkshire wind!

I have made some homemade pink play dough using the Imagination Tree recipe. Her page is full of playdough recipes. We just used the basic playdough recipe and added pink gel food colouring.

I then gathered up some bits from my craft and baking cupboard for them to make valentines cupcakes.  Just a few things like sprinkles, candles, cakes cases and buttons make an easy play dough cupcake recipe.  Florence enjoyed practicing singing ‘Happy Birthday’ quite a few times.

For dinner the kids will get to make their own heart shaped tortilla pizza with a few heart shaped healthy extras such as heart carrots, cucumbers, strawberry and watermelon heart shapes. Then for dessert they will be sure to get some yummy treats.

If we get the chance to make any other craft or activities around Valentine’s Day then I also have a few ideas saved on my Pinterest board.

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