Visiting Homestead Park in York

July 23, 2019

Two children stood in Homestead Park in YorkWe have started up a list of places in Yorkshire to visit that we haven’t been to before and I really wanted to include places that are free and don’t take up a whole day to visit. So first up on our list was Homestead Park, a place we had heard good things about but hadn’t found ourselves there until a recent visit to York.A pond in a park

The first thing that struck me was the fact it reminded me of a good old fashioned park that I would have visited lots in my childhood, it’s been open for over a century now. Maintained by the Joseph Rowntree foundation it’s plain to see that a lot of care is taken in the upkeep of the park. So here is my mini review and main points to note when visiting Homestead Park.Flower beds and sculpture in Homestead Park

A playpark slide

  • A very extensive play park set out in several sections; first off is an area for infants and young children with an old fashioned horse rocker, swings, slide and train. Then there is another section with a helter skelter slide and several really good climbing frames and more swings. There is also football nets and permanent table tennis tables. There really is plenty of play park equipment and it didn’t seem crowded. There is something for all ages and abilities to master and all with protective wood chip flooringA seesaw in Homestead Park

Opening times

Week days and Saturdays 9am Sundays 10am

Closing times

Last week of March-Last week of October 7pm

Last week of October to Last week of March 4.30pm

The main play area closes 45minutes before the park closes.

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  1. Rachael Rogers says:

    Looks lovely here 💕

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