21 Family Goals for 2021

January 16, 2021

Welcome to our family goals for 2021. I really enjoyed writing 20 family goals for 2020 and then reflecting on how we got on with our goals throughout the year. I was eager to write some more for this year.

This time I have asked the family what kind of goals they would like for our family goals of 2021 rather than decide on the goals for them. That said, we left out a few suggestions such as get richer on Roblox, become Rastamouse and eat chocolate all day!

There you have it, here is our list of 21 family goals for 2021!

Chickens – This is one we have discussed for a few years now and we keep coming back to having some. I think this current lockdown has made us realise chickens would be a wonderful distraction and addition to our home.

Climb a Mountain – This is one for Dougie, Finlay and Teddy’s list. I’m not sure if it’s one that we will all tick off but you never know. Dougie will just have to carry our large preschooler on his back!

Rock climb – Teddy and Flo are really keen to try out rock climbing with Dougie. The big two have done it quite a few times but the younger ones are yet to try out an indoor wall or get harnessed up outdoors.

Van Life – We would like to try and find a van for us to spread out in rather than carrying on trying to squeeze into our people carrier. It would be much easier having a van for our annual camping holiday to Devon. We would also like to aim for a staycation in Scotland in a motorhome if possible.

Shout less – This was one that myself and Daisy suggested. We have a very loud home and we all tend to have to shout above each other to be heard. It would be nice if we could all be a little less shouty this year!

More date nights – They might be mostly date nights at home but we need to make an effort to send the older ones up to their rooms and take some time to have dinner and a chat by ourselves for a change.

Forage more – Dougie and Teddy are keen nettle eaters and so I would like to make more use of picking fruit, elderflower and seeing what else we can forage.

Home spa – Face masks, eye masks and luxurious baths. Lockdown has taught me to make more effort with my skincare

Bigger vegetable patch – Last summer our strawberry and tomato crops were a bit pathetic and so this year I have decided to make more of an effort to grow more.

Paddleboard and Canoe – Dougie would love his own paddle board and to take the kids out on the local river. Daisy would like to have a family canoe session where we all take part.

Use our camera – I am guilty of just using my phones camera as it’s so good and easy to whip out and take a snap. I really need to get to know my camera more and experiment with it. Finlay enjoyed using it last Sumer for some arty shots so I think the older two would enjoy having a play with it more too. I am also tempted to invest in a new one sometime soon.

Flowers and Plants – I have the need to fill my house with greenery as being outdoors makes me happy, so now it’s the winter months I know that we would all benefit from more greenery in the home. I also would like to have more outdoor plants as last year it was a little bare because access to the garden centre wasn’t that easy.

Be more seasonal – I think after the unpredictable year we have had being able to connect to the seasons and be more mindful in our surroundings will bring me joy and hopefully pass this approach onto the kids.

Kids cook more – Last year we focused on them helping out more around the home with chores. They have done so well at working as a team but it has become apparent that they could be a bit handier in the kitchen. The younger ones love to bake and help but the older ones need to be a bit more independent at cooking.

1000 hours outside – This is a tall order I know as it would mean an average of 3 hours a day to hit the target in a year. Some days will be none and other days a day out could be 6 or more. Now we have a dog this will help us along the way and I just want to see where we get and log our time spent outdoors. It will hopefully challenge us and be something we can all get behind.

Eco switches – I want to continue to be mindful of what we use and how we can make a difference. This has been in our goals for a few years now but one that every year we can continue to build upon to make that difference count.

Encourage family reading – I would love for the kids to see me read more and thus to inspire the big two to read more. I hope to have more family reading time during this latest homeschool period.

Skateboard more – The kids are constantly working on how to hone their skateboarding skills. I think Dougie may get out on the board again as well as little Flo learning the basics. As for me this is one I will sit out!

Cold showers – We have loved having cold showers and we want to keep up this ritual everyday for 2021. We will also encourage the children to take them as it really does set you up right for the day ahead.

Start a home-based business – I would love to start a sensory play dough business from home. I just need some time to do the research and some confidence to make it work.

Make candles – We have some beeswax sat in the cupboard and I have an urge to get baking our own natural candles with it. It will also be a craft that is not centred around the kids for a change.

There we have our 21 family goals for 2021! We know like last year that some of these maybe subject to change and we may choose to not pursue others. I think it’s good to have hopes but not be rigid in our expectations to achieve them. I will, like last year, be back to review and evaluate how we have got on. Happy New Year and we would love to hear about your hopes and aspirations for the year ahead.

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