Elf Mischief and Decorating the Tree with Living Arrows 49/52

December 7, 2020

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Welcome back to my weekly Living arrows post. Wow, this week just flashed past. There is so much to do at this time of the year and I always want time to slow down so we can get organised whilst us grown ups get to enjoy the build up too. Our elves arrived this week (much to our delight!) and of course with that came some elf mischief and this time some drama with it after the puppy chewed our original elf!

A teenage boy with a moustache , red nose and spits drawn on his face from elf mischief

Once the Elf had been given a clean bill of health it set about causing more elf mischief. The kids awoke on Sunday to moustaches, glasses and red noses. Florence and Teddy were in fits of laughter when they saw Finlay’s face!

Two children say by the Christmas tree

This weekend we put our tree up and the kids decorated it really well. I usually redo all their handiwork but with them all being different heights I think it worked well to get an even spread of the decs! After a few minor tweaks the tree and our living room looks wonderful. The littles were so excited to get the tree in and up, it really is such a magical time counting the days down with them.

Elf mischief with a boy with face paint on his face and holding some paperchains

They set about making a few more decorations in their room. They made up some paper chains and I was pleasantly surprised just how much Teddy and Flo concentrated on this activity and tried to do independently. It makes me remember a lot of things we have done in the past with the big two that it’s now the little ones time to do.

A little girl holding her paperchains

That is it for this week’s news and we will be back, well that’s if we survive the rest of the elf mischief this week has in-store!

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2 responses to “Elf Mischief and Decorating the Tree with Living Arrows 49/52”

  1. Donna says:

    It looks like they have had so much festive fun! You’re all really getting into the Christmas spirit! x

  2. Your elves are very skilled at drawing I am not sure ours would be delicate enough not to wake up the sleeping kids! We have paperchains to make and I can’t wait!

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