Living Arrows 50~52

December 16, 2019

This week has had some really lovely highlights to it.

A girl grinning at the camera on a school chair
I have seen a real change in Daisy over the past few weeks as she has been making some really sensible decisions in stepping away from some tricky friendship disputes and instead seeking out new positive friendships. She’s also taken her year 6 buddy role in school really seriously.  She visits a little boy in Teddy’s year group everyday and has a really lovely relationship with him.  Lastly she performed in a Rock and Pops concert and looked very cool playing on the bass guitar after only having a few months to practice!

a boy holding a toy husky
I enjoyed an evening getting some last minute bits and eating out with Finlay.  He can be very good company and always makes me chuckle.  In this picture he was trying his best  to convince me he needed one more husky toy to his collection. I love the fact he still appreciates a good soft toy, just not enough to purchase another!A girl dressed as an innkeeper

Florence wowed us with her expert waving in her performance as an innkeeper.  She was fascinated albeit confused by the whole performance and in-between trying to remember to sing she waved madly at us throughout.  It really is the start of Christmas when you’ve been to a Nativity!

two young children wearing Christmas clothing
Lastly to balance it out there is usually at least one not on form. Teddy has had an emotionally exhausting week.  This picture shows him having a little quiet walk with his favourite person in between the tired tantrums.

Week 50, I have said it many times but the year has just flown by! I’m hoping the next two weeks will slow down a little, so we can appreciate a slower pace and enjoy Christmas once were all sorted! But first we have the last week of term to survive with carol concerts, class parties, after school activity parties and the epic task of wrapping!

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3 responses to “Living Arrows 50~52”

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s so busy at this time of year isn’t it? It’s bad enough for us with only two children so I can’t imagine what it’s like for you! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas x

  2. Donna says:

    Oh it sounds like you mostly had a really lovely week. Your children are getting so grown up! x

  3. Sounds like Daisy is making some very wise decisions, it took until I was in my 20s to make those! Oh bless Flo its so wonderful watching them in their first nativity. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas xx

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