Our last week of Summer with Living Arrows 36/52

September 8, 2020

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” The saying the days are long but the years are short couldn’t be more accurate for 2020. There were days back in lockdown that seemed endless and it now feels that the past strange 6 months have flown by. I feel that this post is going to be a little reflective amongst the usual account of what we have done this past week. There have been many emotions over the past few months and I’m well aware that I may just start to have my rose tinted spectacles on now it’s our last week of Summer.

There were the early homeschool days that weren’t all that easy and moments where I would shed the odd tear of desperation and clock watch until Dougie came home. Then the summer arrived and we all found our much needed groove and quite honestly we’ve had a wonderful few months. We’re still so appreciative that we managed to have our family break away and spend some much needed time with Dougie and soak up the vitamin sea air.

A young girl grinning at the camera on her last week of summer

Back to our last week of Summer holidays; this week has been mostly spent at home, organising the final bits for back to school and catching up with friends again. The highlight to our week was a trip to Bolton Abbey. It was eventful as I placed my phone on the roof of the car and it spent an hour on the side of the road intact before we found it (phew!).

A young boy grinning on the muddy floor on the last week of Summer

Then there was the challenging hop along the stepping stones at the abbey of which we will never forget! If you’re in the Yorkshire Dales I recommend a trip around the Welly Walk there. The kids loved the obstacles to scramble around along the way and true to form Fin got stuck into them despite being 14 and not overly keen initially on the idea of a walk. I think you can definitly see the enjoyment in their faces. I will hopefully write a post soon all about visiting Bolton Abbey.

Now as the last week of our Summer ends on Tuesday we will start the next few days with routines and new beginnings for all the children. I will be back next week to share with you how we all got on.

Good luck to all the other school starters this week, Love Charlotte x

Living Arrows

6 responses to “Our last week of Summer with Living Arrows 36/52”

  1. Donna says:

    That looks like such a great assault course! x

  2. Hope the returns went well? That welly walk looked great on IG made me wish we were closer to try it out ourselves x

  3. Sarah says:

    It really has looked like you have had the best summer! Bolton Abbey is definitely on our list of places to visit – perhaps we’ll have a camping trip there next year 🙂

  4. Hannah says:

    Omg so with you on the summer hols flying by!! So weird after lockdown feeling so long – I still can’t believe how fast those 6 weeks went! Hope you’re all settling back in to school and routine etc #livingarrows

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