Quick and Easy Christmas Kids’ Craft

December 3, 2018

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We love this time of year for being creative in our house, I love a theme, it’s the childminder in me coming back out!  So for us, the more Christmas craft ideas we have the better, and with the help of some lovely bloggers, this post is all about sharing our favourite craft ideas this year. So do go check out the posts below for some more crafty creations.

Bex Massey

Bethanie ~ Northumberland Family Diaries

Amy ~ The Twins and Me

So here are our Christmas creations so far this year.


First It’s a must in our busy family home that the activities we do are 3 things; Quick, Easy and Simple!  Once I have planned my craft, I make sure I order everything in that I need so then I commit to the craft.  I try to make one activity a bit longer and a little more complex so my older ones can enjoy it.  Then I have a few that appeal to all of their ages.  If you have a baby/ toddler then I recommend these sensory activities this Christmas .  Here are our creations that we have enjoyed making this year.

Cinnamon Salt Dough Ornaments
– This simple salt dough recipe just smells of Christmas, just be prepared to use all your cinnmanon stash up on it! You could easily involve the children into making the dough up as well as cutting the shapes. We cut the dough up using our Christmas Cookie cutters and then made sure to remember to put a hole in the decorations with a skewer or knitting needle. You can then leave these to dry out, but if you’re like me and want them to dry quick so they can just get on and decorate them, cook them on wax paper in the oven on a low setting for around 30 mins or until dry.

Saltdough collage

Onto the decorating, Acrylic paints do cover the decorations more professionally, but we also used kids poster paints for the little ones and they worked just fine. Optional, once dry use a little mod podge to seal them to last longer. My toddler up to my tween managed to do this activity with some help from myself. It really did entertain them for two separate activity sessions, firstly making the clay shapes and then being able to decorate them. They were really chuffed with their finished creations.

1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
1/2 cup of cinnamon
3/4 cup of very warm water

Easy Wreath Ornaments

Easy Wreath

I really wanted an activity that they could do a bit more independently and that would be good for fine motor skills for my two littlest ones.

Paper Straws

Pipe cleaners                                                                                                                                      Ribbon & Wool

Cut the paper straws into about 7 pieces.  Bend a pipe cleaner at the end to prevent the straws and beads falling off.  Then alternate bead with straw onto the pipe cleaner.  Once full twist the pipe cleaner together and attach some ribbon to the pipe cleaner and then loop some wool/ twine around it, so they can hang their decorations up.  Mine will be putting them on their tree in their bedroom.

Duplo Christmas Tree

Duplo build

One that’s not messy!  Make a duplo Christmas tree.  This activity encourages fine motor skills, learning, creativity and bonding with your children.  Your children will hopefully go onto attempt to build many festive duplo builds once this has inspired them to do so.  What I secretly hope is that it will also inspire my tweens to make some festive lego pieces to compete with the little ones duplo creations.

Duplo build complete

Teddy and I went on to make a few more Christmassy creations.

Duplo 3

I hope you enjoy attempting these easy festive activities.  Let me know if you attempt any and if you have any other simple activities that you’re attempting this year.  Happy Festive crafting!

Please do go and check out the lovely bloggers and their regular blog updates.

Amy ~ The Twins and Me

Bethanie ~ Northumberland Family Diaries

Bex Massey

3 responses to “Quick and Easy Christmas Kids’ Craft”

  1. Bex Massey says:

    Absolutely love the idea of adding cinnamon to salt dough – an inspired twist!

  2. Well what a clever idea adding cinnamon to the salt dough! I will definitely be trying that out they looked fab. Thank you for the collab xx

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